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About this document

This user's guide is divided into the following parts:


Provides an overview of the product, its unique features, and the ways in which it may be used in both development environments and in production.

Getting started

Describes the setup procedures used by systems administrators to get up and running with C\Prof.


After you have set up the product, systems administrators and ISPF users can use the following sections to profile CICS transactions, take snapshots, load auxiliary trace data sets, and conduct further configuration of the C\Prof collection server as required.

Enterprise-wide data collection and analysis

Shows you how to use the C\Prof collection server for data collection and analysis across your organization. Use the transaction profiler to navigate through a transaction to understand its behavior and flow, examine application calls and response codes, and drill down to trace events. Establish MRO groups, expand your collection to multiple LPARs, and set up automatic problem capture with event-driven snapshot.

Working with auxiliary trace data sets

If you are working with auxiliary trace data sets, this chapter shows you how to use the C\Prof trace viewer to open the trace, and how to import trace entries into the C\Prof transaction profiler for advanced analysis. If you use the CICS auxiliary trace facility, you can view its output using C\Prof to gain new insights on old problems.

Ad hoc batch data collection

Provides information on generating JCL for ad hoc batch data collection requests. If you have a CICS dump, you can also generate JCL to invoke IPCS with a C\Prof VERBEXIT that converts the dump into an auxiliary trace data set.

Collector reference

Provides reference information for C\Prof JCL and control statements.


After you have set up the product, this section applies to users of the C\Prof Web UI.

C\Prof Web User Interface (Web UI)

Describes the web-browser based C\Prof Web User Interface (Web UI) and explains how to use it to record and profile CICS transactions.


This section contains reference information for all users.


Provides information about C\Prof error messages and codes.

Web UI application server

Provides information about configuring the C\Prof Web UI application server.


Provides a table of common terms used throughout this document.