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Why mainframe security matters

Did you know that up to 71% of a corporation's financial data can be stored on the mainframe? Contrary to popular belief, mainframes can be breached. Many organizations, misled by myths, neglect mainframe security, leading to potential breaches. Every z/OS environment has vulnerabilities - once exploited, hackers can access any data within.

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How z/Assure® VAP works

Manually scanning systems isn't just time-consuming—it's impractical. Rocket Software advocates for a systematic, automated approach:

  1. Initiate a baseline scan of your enterprise.
  2. Review the Vulnerability Detail Reports (VDRs).
  3. Engage with vendors using VDRs.
  4. Implement patches from vendors.
  5. Rescan to confirm vulnerability resolution.
  6. Regularly scan before maintenance is applied into your production environment.

Questions IT Risk Officers can ask
to determine gaps

Q1: Is the mainframe environment a part of your IT Risk Assessment methodology?
Q2:Does your compliance and risk team provide you with ongoing mitigation reports associated with operating system risks?
Q3: Do you have the proper controls, governance, and communication to leadership on all aspects of securing your mainframe environment?
Q4: Do you have a Mainframe Vulnerability Management Program? If not, what aspects of the mainframe are included in compliance audits?
Q5: Do you have compliance solutions that utilize the commonalities in all the compliance regulations?