We’re looking for the right partners.

Rocket Software’s global partner program emphasizes quality over quantity. Our high-touch model ensures you receive the enablement and support you need to be successful and ultimately benefit our mutual customers.

We select partners based on geography, industry presence, and the applicable use-case expertise. Our partners range from global Fortune 100 companies to regional and boutique firms.

Choose the partner program that's right for your business


ISVs incorporate Rocket software into their application offerings, expanding markets while strengthening their own solutions.

Systems Integrators

SIs leverage Rocket application modernization technology to deliver revenue-generating and operational-efficiency solutions.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

MSPs extend the value of Rocket technology to build end-user offerings that leverage our capacity planning, data protection, and application modernization solutions.

Reseller Partners

Rocket resellers enable greater breadth than our direct sales force and are compensated well for their efforts.

Fulfillment Partners

Enterprise and government entities frequently purchase through a select short-list of approved vendors or outsourced procurement vendors. As fulfillment partners, you can earn fees for working with us.

Referral Partners

Networking is a critical part of present and future business strategies. Our referral partners don't resell solutions, but by referring opportunities that turn into business, you qualify for referral fees.

MultiValue Cloud Accredited Partners

MultiValue Cloud Accredited Partners provide hosting services for MV customer data and applications.