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Securely share product and business data

With Rocket® B2B Supply Chain Integration information exchange solutions, you can get the right data to the right place at the right time, and prove it — no matter how far-flung or technologically diverse your network.

Our supply chain integration solutions help to send business information more efficiently, share files and business processes securely, and sync enterprise data inside your business and with partners easily.

B2B supply chain integration solutions, simplified

  • Keep product data and other critical business information flowing efficiently

Multiple file exchange protocols

  • Enjoy a managed environment with fast, secure communications, using the appropriate protocol for each of your partner's needs

Aerospace and defense supply chain integration

  • Automate collaboration between manufacturers, contractors, and joint venture partners

Automotive supply chain integration

  • Automate product design processes involving different CAD and PLM systems to reduce the complexity of toolset interoperability