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The Rocket Trust Center is your comprehensive resource for information on data privacy, security protections, and legal agreements for our software and services.

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Rocket Software is committed to protecting the information of its customers and preventing unauthorized disclosure, use, modification, or access to such information stored within Rocket Software services.

Please see this website for more information on our security practices

Application Modernization & Connectivity (AMC) products (formerly Micro Focus) are covered within a certified ISO 27001 ISMS

Rocket Software is also committed to obtaining third party certifications to demonstrate our commitment to security, including:



Agreements and Compliance

We have compiled our most frequently-requested agreements and other compliance materials here for your review.

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Summary of our trademarks and how to use them

Our code of conduct and business ethics describes our values and how we expect our employees, partners and suppliers to act 
Rocket Software Code of Conduct

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Your Privacy and Personal Data and protection of the same are of utmost importance to Rocket Software. We therefore continuously review our policies to ensure these comply with applicable laws and regulations from a legal perspective, but also with regard to IT Security and other best practices. 

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Data Processing Addendum

In Rocket Software’s current data processing addendum where GDPR (or UK GDPR) applies (“Addendum”), we offer our customers the latest set of standard contractual clauses (SCCs) as respectively adopted by the European Commission for EEA territories and by the Information Commission Officer (ICO) for UK after Brexit and by Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) for Switzerland. Rocket Software Data Processing Addendum

Our current SCCs can be found:

EEA Controller to Processor SCCs - Appendix 4 to the Addendum

EEA Processor to Processor SCCs - Appendix 5 to the Addendum

UK Controller to Processor SCCs and UK Processor to Processor SCCs

Swiss Restricted Transfers - Appendix 7

View all processors and subprocessors