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Rocket® TRUcentrix

Collaborate securely and productively with partners

Rocket® TRUcentrix is a comprehensive collaboration and process automation solution that streamlines the way you exchange data and collaborate with partners and customers across corporate IT boundaries.

From simple Managed File Transfer (MFT) transactions to complex multi-organization workflows, TRUcentrix provides a single, secure, and proven B2B platform with rapid ROI.

Tighten partner engagement with streamlined information flow

Today’s complex manufacturing environment involves strategic business alliances and global supply chains. Multi-enterprise project teams need prompt access to a secure online environment that fosters collaboration, real-time status monitoring, and problem-solving.

With Rocket TRUcentrix, you can collaborate with your partners and implement robust workflows and process automation that help enforce compliance with standards such as ISO, ITAR, and APQP. You decide what information to share with your global partners and suppliers in a way that allows you to control and manage your shared data online. It's easy to enforce document revision control, track revision history, and manage critical action items.

Quickly set up Secure Online Project Areas, establish access rights, and begin collaborating immediately. Project teams can share files of any size or type with remote team members or partners, and all user activity is audited. TRUcentrix lets you enforce document revision control, track revision history, and easily manage critical action items. You can even monitor project content and status in real time so that all team members are informed and up to date.

Regardless of your business process challenges, TRUcentrix is a practical and cost-effective alternative to content management and collaboration platforms developed for corporate intranets.

Versatile and extensible

The versatility of TRUcentrix makes it an ideal solution for joint venture partner collaboration, supplier management and supplier collaboration. Its security and administrative framework helps you remain compliant with your own security and quality stanards and those of your customers and industry regulators. This gives you the reassurance that you valuable data can be shared and used with your partners with full traceability for all actions.

When collaborating with others often data needs to be integrated with TRUcentrix from other systems that are in use. To aid this objective, TRUcentrix has an application programming interface (API) so it can be safely connected to enterprise applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. You can ensure enterprise data access and consistency without directly connecting remote users to these sensitive internal applications accessing TRUcentrix across the internet via a web browser.

Solutions for B2B collaboration

TRUcentrix can be configured to meet the needs of multiple business users who need to have a formal collorative process with other companies. Manufacturing companies like using TRUcentrix as it helps them streamline and formalize key business processes with their supply chain partners. Here are some great examples of where TRUcentrix can help replace ad-hoc file and email based processes with a systematic, controlled but still easy to use approach:

  • Purchasing. Buyers managing request for quotations (RFQs) with new and existing suppliers.
  • Product designers. Enabling controlled sharing of CAD and product design documents manufacturing suppliers to ensure the impact of any changes are considered by all parties.
  • Quality engineers. Following formal quality management process internally and with manufacturing suppliers.
  • Managing compliance. Helping defense contractors comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and automotive suppliers comply with Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) best practices.

You can also setup your own specific collorative processes using TRUcentrix's app builder and you have a choice to either deploy your solution in your own data center or as Rocket Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in Amazon Web Services (AWS).