Rocket Build


Annual innovation and coding competition

Rocket.Build began in 2013 as a small hackathon taking place during the Rocket Leadership Summit event. The first class of Rocket.Builders worked around the couches and coffee tables of the hotel where the summit was held. Nearly 100 Rocketeers from 9 different countries were given an endless supply of coffee and five days to build something that could make a difference for our customers. What made that first Rocket.Build so unique, and so well loved, was the way it connected developers of various experience from all over the business for a common goal—build something meaningful.

In the years since the first Rocket.Build in Boston, it’s only gotten bigger and better. Now, the spirit of Rocket.Build has grown to include not just Rocketeers, but our entire customer, partner, and student networks. No longer a once-annual event, Rocket.Builders are innovating year-round, all over the world, in Rocket offices, and in their local communities.