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The Rocket MultiValue (MV) Application Platform combines an embedded database and development platform to offer the best of traditional database management with the flexibility, innovation, and performance today’s applications require. The MV integrated architecture dramatically simplifies deployment and maintenance, while the fluid and natural data model reduces the need for costly DBAs or system administrators. With its low overall total cost of ownership, the MultiValue Application Platform is making it possible for millions of users around the world to solve their critical business problems.

Ensure your application adapts for continued ROI
Future-proof your MV application with modern solutions and strategies.

Narrow the MultiValue skills gap for your developers
Attract and retain new talent and make it easier for them to support your MultiValue apps today and tomorrow.

Protect your critical data and applications
Safeguard your data and applications with proactive, automated security and compliance.

Rocket Software: propelling MultiValue into a new era

Rocket continually invests development resources into evolving and enhancing our MultiValue databases and tools with +120 MV employees in MV engineering roles worldwide. We collaborate with our customers during the design and development process, ensuring that product roadmaps align with real business needs, delivering:

  • Solutions that help you build customer loyalty and retention
  • Solutions that evolve with your changing needs
  • Ongoing software updates and new releases

Natural and forgiving application development

Your ability to innovate and differentiate has to keep pace with the market and with user expectations. Developers work with the MultiValue platform the way they naturally think, eliminating the time and frustration of squeezing the business into a rigid relational database structure. You’re able to easily capture ideas in a data format that’s been purpose-built for flexibility, with the data structure evolving naturally around your application during development. This intuitive data model accelerates the application development process, enabling constant evolution and the ability to rapidly go to market with compelling features.

  • Flexible data model accelerates development
  • Quickly capitalize on market changes and opportunities

Yields robust, efficient and fast applications

MultiValue delivers robust applications for industries that demand critical performance, including emergency systems, healthcare, financial services, banking, retail, ecommerce and more. MutiValue’s compact and efficient data structure ensures that applications run at high speeds with optimal response times.

  • Optimized performance for business critical applications
  • Small IT/hardware footprint

Low total cost of ownership

The MultiValue Application Platform combines an embedded database and development environment that continuously support your business with little ongoing investment. As an inherently IT-efficient database structure, MV consumes fewer hardware and network resources. Applications are less expensive to run, manage, and maintain.

  • Limited database administration (and DBAs) required
  • Easy learning curve and support for Python and other languages allows new employees to quickly get up-to-speed

MultiValue is a proven and enduring technology that solves thousands of critical business problems for millions of users around the world. The integrated platform consolidates everything from database and security, to business continuity and application enhancements. MultiValue easily scales to business needs and user growth, and supports organizational requirements for confidentiality, integrity and compliance.

  • Scalable within existing IT infrastructure
  • Easily extend and modernize your applications