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Empower Your Data, Unleash

The Rocket MultiValue (MV) Application Platform is a comprehensive suite that combines an embedded database with a development environment, offering traditional database management alongside the flexibility and performance today's business applications demand. Designed to simplify deployment and reduce the need for specialized IT management, the platform’s integrated architecture promises a low overall cost of ownership and positions millions of global users at the forefront of solving critical business challenges.

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Rocket MultiValue

Modernization at the

In the ever-evolving business landscape, modernization isn’t just a goal—it’s a continuous journey. Rocket Software’s MV platform is engineered to pivot your legacy systems into the future, ensuring that modernization is not just integrated but a driving force for growth.

  • API Integration: Connect your application with major platforms like Salesforce™ and ServiceNow, enable third-party access, and support mobile interactions via tablets and smartphones.
  • Cloud Enablement: Transition to the cloud with confidence. Our platform is designed for agility, scaling with your business needs while providing robust, resilient infrastructure. Learn more.
  • Seamless Interoperability: Amplify your application’s capabilities by integrating effortlessly with third-party apps and devices, providing a user experience that meets modern standards.
  • ROI Enhancement: Utilize our modern tools and practices to refresh your MV applications, ensuring that your investment not only meets the current demands but is also poised for future advancements.

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A deeper dive into MV Modernization

Security: Enhance security with Rocket Software’s MultiValue solutions, ensuring compliance and data protection. Our databases and tools are optimized for regulatory adherence and data safety, supporting swift market delivery without compromising security.

DevOps: Improve development and operations with Rocket Software’s DevOps tools. Our approach integrates modern practices like containerization and CI/CD to enhance the software development lifecycle. Learn more.

Developer Productivity: Rocket Software increases developer productivity through modern tools and languages that automate tasks and foster innovation. Our compliant and advanced resources help developers achieve more efficiency.

Performance: Modernization significantly boosts the performance of business processes and supporting solutions. Through digital transformation and regular maintenance, you can enhance solution performance and agility. Contact your sales or account rep for a HealthCheck today.

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A New Era for MultiValue

Our commitment to modernizing the MV landscape has never been stronger. With Rocket Software, propel your MV applications into a new era where performance, user experience, and operational efficiency are redefined to meet the demands of tomorrow.

  • Responsive Solutions: Build customer loyalty and retention with agile, user-centric applications.
  • Adaptive Growth: Ensure your applications evolve with your changing business needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Releases: Benefit from ongoing software updates and new features.

Robust and Fast Applications, Modernized
With Rocket MV, develop applications that not only deliver critical performance but also embrace modern development trends. This ensures your systems are equipped to offer the speed and efficiency that modern businesses require.

Low Total Cost of Ownership, High Impact Modernization
Embrace a platform that ensures your business thrives in the present while smoothly transitioning into future technologies. Enjoy a low total cost of ownership coupled with a modernization-focused development environment.