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Rocket® FlashConnect

Take your MultiValue applications to the web

With Rocket® FlashConnect software, developers can take existing character-based applications to the web by creating easy-to-use graphical user interfaces for MultiValue applications. Read/write in real time with full-featured web-to-MultiValue connectivity.

What's New in Rocket D3

Go (web) native—without learning a new language

By using FlashConnect, Pick/BASIC programmers can quickly enable programs to use HTML and HTML extensions. Just use our simple Application Programming Interface (API) to build a web interface to your Rocket D3 or Rocket mvBase application code.

Once deployed to the web, MultiValue applications continue to execute feature-rich, time-proven business rules (developed using Pick/BASIC) on the database server, with FlashConnect establishing the required links to the web server. FlashConnect also works with any HTML-generating web page design program, supports both static and event-driven applications, and uses templates for ease in setting and maintaining a consistent web site look-and-feel.

Safe, secure, persistent

Once complete, your FlashConnect application may be accessed from the Internet, intranet, or extranet by using a standard browser. Security is particularly important when discussing web access to your business apps. FlashConnect can navigate firewalls between public web servers and private database servers, giving you the flexibility and usability of deploying browser apps, without compromising the privacy of your data.

FlashConnect supports persistence, a requirement of transaction-oriented systems, but one not inherent to the web. Transactions across multiple web pages are supported and maintained through the use of variables, common variables, and record locks.