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Rocket® U2 Toolkit for .NET

Comprehensive .NET interfaces for U2 database servers

The Rocket® U2 Toolkit for .NET Provider offers a free .NET data provider interface for Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData®, while U2 Toolkit for .NET Developer adds the ability to develop in Microsoft® Visual Studio.

Speed development efforts

Rocket U2 Toolkit for .NET Developer speeds development efforts. Use Microsoft Visual Studio to build applications and take advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework and CLR.

U2 Connection Pools, designed for high-performance web applications, complete the solution. U2 Toolkit works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows®, and with the new release of U2 Toolkit for .NET 2.2.2, both the U2 Toolkit for .NET Provider and U2 Toolkit for .NET Developer are supported on 4.5 .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

Power tools for building great applications

The U2 Toolkit for .NET Developer provides the tools you need to produce great results in less time. The U2 Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio are a collection of features that integrate seamlessly into a Visual Studio development environment for work with UniVerse and UniData objects such as tables, views,and subroutines.

Pathway to performance

U2 Toolkit includes an ADO.NET provider optimized for connection performance to a U2 database and a LINQ to Entity Framework provider for the U2 databases.

UniObjects for .NET provides an interface to Rocket UniData® and UniVerse native data model. These interfaces provide standards-based and native access to U2 databases.