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Rocket® U2 Clients

Standard drivers and native APIs for Rocket U2 databases

Rocket® U2 Clients includes standards-based drivers for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to connect to U2 via a wide variety of standards-based tools. Rocket U2 Clients also provide a family of APIs for high-speed, native access to Rocket U2 databases.

Hook up with drivers, APIs, and tools to connect, manage, and develop in U2

The Rocket U2 Clients offer a variety of flexible options and interfaces designed to meet all development and interoperability needs.

U2 Clients include both standards-based and native client APIs, along with a simple terminal emulator. These offer a broad range of support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL), device licensing, connection pooling, and internationalization.

U2 Clients are provided at no additional cost for Rocket UniData® and UniVerse databases.

Standards-based APIs

Standards-based SQL interfaces for UniData and UniVerse provide access to tables, files, and views, including data and calculated fields from client applications via ODBC and JDBC. These interfaces provide transparent access to U2 while taking advantage of extended features such as multivalued fields, subroutine calls, and select lists.

Open Database Connectivity provides a standard interface for user applications, third-party reporting and business intelligence tools to connect with data sources. Rocket provides Windows-based ODBC drivers for U2 data servers. The U2 ODBC driver comes as both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers, which support SSL. When used with UniVerse, the U2 ODBC driver is compatible with UniVerse National Language Support.

Java Database Connectivity is a standard API that allows Java programs to access database management systems. The UniJDBC driver provided by Rocket Software is a Native-Protocol, pure-Java driver that works for both UniData and UniVerse and supports SSL as well as the UniVerse NLS and UniData I18N multi-language functionality.

Native interfaces

Rocket Software provides a variety of high-performance, native interfaces for development of client applications that access the Rocket U2 databases. These include the UniObjects family of interfaces, Intercall, and the UniCall Interface for UniVerse.

UniObjects provides object-based client APIs, bringing the proven advantages of object-oriented programming to client application development.

  • Manipulate all objects in the same rapid and easy-to-use manner as a traditional U2 application.
  • Capitalize on modern development technology for new GUI and Web application interfaces. UniObjects for Java (UOJ) is a 100% pure Java class library whose objects are able to take full advantage of any Java-based integrated development environment.
  • Create Java-based applications quickly and easily on Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft® Windows® servers. UOJ supports SSL, NLS, and I18N.

InterCall provides high performance, native, record-based access to the U2 data servers from any C client running on Linux, UNIX or Windows. UniCall Interface (UCI) is a C-language, SQL Call Level Interface for UniVerse. It lets developers write Linux, UNIX, and Windows client programs that use SQL statements to access and manipulate data on local or remote UniVerse data servers. UCI is closely integrated with the extended relational database model used by UniVerse, such as nested tables, transaction processing support, and so forth.