Maximizing ERP Investment by Modernizing with MVIS
Industrial & Manufacturing
SMC is a global leader in pneumatic technology, with subsidiaries in 53 countries providing industrial environments with technology and products to support automation. Focused on the mission of advancing automation for their clients, SMC also needed to automate transactions and provide real-time access to their ERP system to improve employee productivity and customer experiences.
The Australian subsidiary of SMC relies on a highly customized ERP solution called Masterpack. Based on Rocket® UniVerse and Rocket® System Builder, it has seen decades of development, but lacked the user interfaces and cross-platform integrations that are the hallmark of today’s modern systems. As a result, productivity, accuracy, and user satisfaction suffered. For instance, every night an intermediary tool synced data input during the day back to Masterpack, a time-consuming and infrastructure-demanding process. Rather than having information available in real time, employees had to wait for the overnight process to run before being able to access it. These delays and bottlenecks slowed operations, and had the potential to create downstream issues for customers since information like inventory counts were unavailable to sales teams. Other challenges included the incompatibility of Masterpack with contemporary mobile devices, forcing warehouse staff to rely upon outdated and unreliable hand-held scanners. Maintenance and repair costs for the scanners were skyrocketing, and IT staff spent too much time on the warehouse floor resolving issues. Overall, SMC needed to improve user experiences by adding new tools and functionalities without undertaking a long, risky, and expensive replatforming project. Further complicating this challenge was a problem familiar to many organizations that have invested in MultiValue (MV): their experienced administrators were retiring, and skilled developers were difficult to find.
  • Created real-time interfaces with the ERP system to drive productivity and user experience improvements via REST APIs.
  • Reduced order entry process from 20 mins to less than a minute leveraging Python scripting.
  • Introduced a mobile application giving field teams real-time inventory visibility.
  • Created a development platform to support scaling the business, setting the global pace for SMC.
Replacing an ERP is very difficult -- now, our ERP can continue to facilitate data storage and handling, saving us that time and money so we can still fulfill our vision for the future of the business with modern capabilities.
Amarendra Rakesh
Business Systems Manager, SMC Corporation