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SMC is a global leader in pneumatic technology, providing industrial environments with technology to support automation over the past 50+ years. With subsidiaries in 53 countries, SMC has delivered first-class business solutions to customers through superior products and customer service. To achieve its goal of advancing automation, SMC develops high-quality, reliable solutions to assist automation in industrial environments and familiar areas of everyday life. Focused on the mission of advancing automation for their clients, SMC needed automated transactions and real-time access to its ERP system to improve employee productivity and customer experiences.


SMC needed to modernize its ERP to improve its user experience and operational productivity without undertaking a disruptive and costly re-platforming project.
Replacing an ERP is very difficult -- now, our ERP can continue to facilitate data storage and handling, saving us that time and money so we can still fulfill our vision for the future of the business with modern capabilities.
Amarendra Rakesh
Business Systems Manager, SMC Corporation

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