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Let’s modernize with Rocket® Solutions for IBM i

Technology is evolving. So should your applications.

Meet digital age demands while maximizing your IT investment. Future-proof your mission-critical applications with Rocket Solutions for IBM i that keep your business ahead of the curve.

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Reduce downtime. Eliminate disruption.

Build, don't break the bank

Keep existing investments in place while transforming into a customer-centric, digital-first business.

Bolster security, block risks

Consolidate touch points for centralized risk management while meeting compliance and reporting needs.

Navigate change with ease

Build next-gen applications and services using modern methods to increase agility and develop talent.

Maximize results, minimize effort

Reduce operational friction and boost workforce efficiency with streamlined access to valuable data and systems.


Growth without
growing pains.

Today’s businesses face exponential challenges while emerging competitors surge ahead with agility and precision. When customers expectations demand seamless and personalized digital experiences, you need a modern, yet robust infrastructure capable of driving new services while empowering your remote workforce to accelerate innovation.

Rocket Software ensures you stay ahead of the curve by modernizing existing applications within your IBM® i systems. With flexible and efficient IBM® i modernization solutions, we help your processes and applications evolve, ensuring you don’t just keep up with rising challenges, but set up your business for long-term success.

Investments in modernization

Highly flexible. Highly versatile.

  • 46%

    of total modernization budgets are allocated to application modernization on IBM i

  • 14%

    growth of modernization budget expected over the next 2 years with IBM i organizations

  • 59%

    of IBM i organizations have a modernization and optimization "go-forward" strategy

  • Use your existing infrastructure to build a customer-centric, digital-first business
  • Use modern methods to develop talent and build next-gen applications and services
  • Improve workforce productivity with intuitive access to valuable IBM i data and systems
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance against existing regulations or laws
  • Reduce time-to-market with automated deployments, open-source integrations, and distributed DevOps tools

Speed into the future. Without sacrificing your most valuable asset.

Modernization, including automation, isn’t a “one and done” process, but a continuous journey. Manage ongoing changes across initial and ongoing projects with Rocket Solutions for IBM i built to deliver significant and ongoing impact.

Transform your workloads.
Just progress.

Explore the Rocket Software Application Modernization solutions to learn how you can optimize your IBM® i infrastructure to deliver enhanced user and developer experiences from a modern, agile environment.

Simplify compliance reporting and user access to critical systems

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Ensure uninterrupted operation for your IBM i applications

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Access host-based systems from browsers or mobile devices

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Build a smart modernization plan with bottom-line results

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Unlock critical data and deliver fast ROI with robotic process Automation (RPA) for IBM i

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Modernize application UIs for productive outcomes

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Build a layered defense against password vulnerabilities

Learn more about Rocket® MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Narrow the skills gap to empower new developers

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Modernization. Without Disruption.™

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