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Rocket® Anomalytics for TMON Performance Monitors

Transform mainframe performance monitoring with automated machine learning and KPI analysis

Introducing Anomalytics for
TMON Performance

Automatically identify performance anomalies more quickly than other approaches and reduce total cost of ownership on mainframe.

Proactive Mainframe Performance Optimization Stay ahead of issues. Identify and resolve potential performance problems before they impact operations, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal business outcomes.

Automated Anomaly Detection Swiftly detect anomalies. Use machine learning to establish baselines and identify deviations, thereby triggering alerts. This approach minimizes downtime and boosts operational efficiency with precise, proactive solutions.

Optimizing Mainframe Performance for the Digital Age

Today's enterprises rely heavily on mainframes, yet face growing obstacles to keep them running at peak performance. The shortage of skilled mainframe professionals and increasingly complex IT environments present real risks — outages and slowdowns can hit hard. Outdated monitoring tools just can't keep pace with these evolving systems, leaving gaps that can hinder progress.

Enter Rocket Anomalytics: Your Mainframe Management Game-Changer

Rocket Anomalytics works seamlessly with Rocket TMON ONE, offering a comprehensive solution to today's mainframe challenges. This advanced platform uses powerful machine learning and automation to keep you ahead of potential problems.

Key Benefits:

  • Predictive Problem-Solving: Machine learning anticipates issues before they affect performance.
  • Efficiency and Empowerment: Frees up your team by reducing manual monitoring efforts.
  • Time-Smart Monitoring: Establishes intelligent baselines that reflect your operational timeline, enabling faster anomaly detection.

With Rocket Anomalytics, you gain:

  • Clear Data Visualization: Transforms complex data into easy-to-understand visual formats.
  • Simplified Decision-Making: Equips you with the tools to make informed decisions swiftly.
  • Easy Integration: Flexible APIs ensure Rocket Anomalytics fits seamlessly into your existing systems.
  • Actionable Insights: Detailed metadata and KPIs guide you towards optimal performance outcomes.

Rocket Anomalytics is not just about maintaining the status quo — it's designed to enhance and future-proof your mainframe operations, propelling your business forward in a digital-first world.