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Let’s modernize with Optimizing Skills & Efficiency from Rocket Software

Propel forward and scale IT
by optimizing skills & efficiency

Break down the barriers to IBM® i and IBM® Z systems. Transform challenges into opportunities - optimize skills, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation. Propel your business into a future of operational excellence.

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Don’t be left behind.
Stay ahead in today’s
digital age.

In business, the only constant is change. Today, IT must move faster than ever to keep pace.

Are you facing any of the common challenges in the IT industry today?

  • Bridging the knowledge void by retiring IBM® i and IBM Z® systems experts
  • Pressure to do more with fewer resources, increasing workloads and
    system management demands
  • Staying competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape
  • Manual processes that create bottlenecks in IT and time to value for customers

Do more. With less.

Automate to maximize efficiency and be ready for the unexpected.

Close the skills gap

Enable next-gen talent to engage IBM i/Z systems without deep development and system expertise.

Unlock talent and resources

Free skilled talent to focus on tougher business-critical projects without creating a backlog.

Build business agility

Quickly respond to challenges across the tech stack and at the strategic business level.

Excellence through innovation

Get ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating new tech and modern best processes.

System Operation Suite

Rocket® TMON One

Manage performance across multiple integrated monitors for all mainframe systems. Forecast and manage capacity for open systems and z/OS with graphical analysis and KPIs.

Learn more about Rocket® TMON One

Rocket® C\Prof

Visualize how IBM® CICS® transactions are executed and diagnose problems in your CICS applications faster with intuitive transaction profiling for CICS trace data.

Learn more about Rocket® C\Prof

Rocket® iCluster

Rocket iCluster high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) ensures uninterrupted operation for your IBM® i applications, providing continuous access by monitoring, identifying, and self-correcting replication problems.

Learn more about Rocket® iCluster

Rocket® z/OS Storage

Manage mainframe data and optimize storage capacity with modern capabilities for hybrid cloud storage and surgical data recovery. Automate tasks like backup/recovery and tape migration and reduce downtime for improved SLA compliance.

Learn more about Rocket® Open Source Solutions for z/OS

Productivity and Workflow Suite

Rocket® API

Convert repetitive, time-consuming tasks like data entry, tracking, and escalation into automated user-centric workflows for improved productivity across business operations.

Learn more about Rocket® API

Rocket® Process Insights

Modernize every green screen in your organization and enable deployment of pre-built or dynamically customized UI templates — no COBOL or RPG expertise required.

Learn more about Rocket® Process Insights

Rocket® Enterprise Orchestrator

A workload automation and DevOps orchestration platform that seamlessly integrates all your business processes, from mainframe to cloud.

Learn more about Rocket® Enteprise Orchestrator

Rocket® Modern Experience

Modernize every green screen in your organization and enable deployment of pre-built or dynamically customized UI templates — no COBOL or RPG expertise required.

Learn more about Rocket® Modern Experience

Rocket® DevOps

Enable true end-to-end CI/CD for IBM® i and IBM® Z systems environments so your business can extend innovative experimentation, easily respond to compliance audits and adapt to the ever-changig expectations of process, technology, or experience.

Learn more about Rocket® DevOps

Rocket® Workload Automation

Streamline automation across different technologies reducing complexity, risk & costs. Enhance Operations or DevOps with seamless integration into major cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Learn more about Rocket®Workload Automation

Rocket® PRO/JCL

Integrate with your preferred IDE and DevOps tools for GUI-based JCL management and task automation. Boost throughput and reduce costs with a standardized, optimized, and error-free JCL ecosystem.

Learn more about PRO/JCL

Rocket® Open AppDev for Z

Accelerate mainframe application development with the latest open-source interfaces, tools, and languages.

Learn more about Open AppDev for Z

Rocket® Support for Zowe®

Help next-gen mainframe developers do their best work with modern, secure, fully supported open-source software for z/OS®.

Learn more about Support for Zowe

Automate. Orchestrate. Optimize.

  • 80%

    of IT leaders will be using service orchestration and automation platforms

  • 89%

    of CIOs report more competition for qualified IT talent

  • 20%

    of lost revenue if no action is taken to close the skills gap

  • Modernize storage and performance management to alleviate the impact of skills shortages
  • Automate critical tasks and improve system responsiveness to reduce errors and improve business resiliency and agility
  • Integrate across hybrid IT infrastructure to ensure storage interoperability and efficient performance
  • Streamline DevOps processes to respond quickly to customers and market demands
  • Experiment with new tech like AI/ML and modern best practices

Two tech stacks. One company.

Rocket Software delivers feature-rich products that “just work” without heavy reliance on services contracts. No one else in the market offers the full breadth of automation, talent enablement, and business agility capabilities across both IBM® i and IBM Z® systems.

Rocket equips you to continually optimize your business potential. Optimizing Skills and Efficiency solution for system operations and productivity and workflows, your talent can bring the best solutions to your biggest problems. You can automate to maximize efficiency and be ready for the unexpected. The nimble business you’ve been striving to build is well within reach.

Modernization. Without Disruption.™

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