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No matter where you are in your IT modernization journey, Rocket Software has the right expertise and solutions to get you to where you want to be—without taking a single step back.


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Power your IT modernization. Without disruption.

Modernizing your mission critical systems means constant pressure to cut costs and improve customer experience, all while maintaining data integrity and security. When you need to move forward without moving backward, you need to consider hybrid cloud data management, automation, mainframe DevOps tools, and performance in your IT modernization strategy.

With Rocket Software, you’ll experience the power of IT modernization without disruption. We take the solutions that currently work for you and optimize them for added data mobility and flexibility, process consistency and efficiency, and business clarity and security.

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Bolster your IT modernization strategy with Hybrid Cloud

Integrate legacy and distributed systems into your cloud and digital strategies to maximize the potential and value of your most critical applications and data.


Use automation across platforms with scale and speed

Reduce complexity, risk, and associated costs by automating processes and workloads across your systems from mainframe, to distributed, and cloud environments.


Optimize performance with enhanced monitoring and management

Reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and availability, while resolving problems that impact business-critical applications.


Streamline your end-to-end DevOps processes

Achieve your business goals with faster time-to-market, improved quality, better customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and continuous integrated delivery.


Our infrastructure modernization strategy was always centered around leveraging our mainframe data stores and decades of development. Rocket’s collaboration has been a major asset in finding tactical solutions and ensuring success through each stage of execution.

M&T Group Vice President, Technology Operations Support Services

Start your IT modernization journey with Rocket Software.

Let’s modernize

Optimize enterprise resources. Boost productivity.

Get the most out of current resources while maximizing responsiveness to business demands. Make better business decisions with the right tools and processes no matter what your hybrid environment looks like or where you are in your IT modernization journey.

  • Keep working business processes in place, then optimize everything else

  • Get up and running in months, not years with simple and fast implementation

  • Leverage automation to redirect resources to higher value processes and tasks


Optimize your IT environment with Rocket Software.

Let’s modernize

IT modernization reduces costs and improves time to value.

On average, Rocket Software customers spent less time and money on IT modernization than if they had re-platformed. Invest savings into staying competitive, driving efficiency, and improving customer experience.


    Reduction in monitoring and reporting time with Rocket® iCluster


    Saved per year with Rocket® Process Automation


    Cost savings experienced by a Rocket® Terminal Emulator customer


Increase your efficiency with Rocket Software.

Let's modernize

Less risk. More resilience.

Business risk isn't limited to trust and security. Reduce risk across systems, data, and processes to avoid everything from breaches to process errors.

  • Manage sensitive data and maintain compliance

  • Reduce risk of bugs and error rates in development streams

  • Build a layered defense against breaches and data loss

News and Events
  • Rocket Software Acquires Key Resources, Inc., Expanding Mainframe Security Capabilities

    Rocket Software is strengthening its security capabilities, enabling customers to standardize on their preferred mainframe security solutions. With KRI Security’s added expertise, Rocket Software is bringing world-class security architectures directly to the mainframe modernization process and empowering IT leaders to better protect their data in any environment.

    See the importance of mainframe security in your IT modernization and transformation efforts

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Manage your risk with Rocket Software.

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