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Get the best of both mainframe and cloud.

Do more than lift and shift to the cloud. Be ready for anything with hybrid cloud solutions built to meet evolving market needs — in any environment.

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Break barriers. Not your infrastructure

Protect your investments

Don’t lose decades of investments re-platforming or with lift and shift strategies and solutions.

Scale with speed and agility

Do more than keep up. Meet evolving customer needs without missing a beat during your digital transformation.

Modernize data access

Understand, query, replicate, sync, and store your data--however it makes sense for your business.

Unlock and deliver new value

Integrate cross-company systems, applications, and data to bridge the gap between modern systems of engagement and the mainframe.


Manage complexity.
Without getting complicated.

The cloud can be a major driver of digital transformation, but modernizing with new technologies also means rapid change and rising complexity. This impacts business-critical infrastructure you depend upon, like the mainframe. With more services to monitor and blind spots between systems and platforms, you need hybrid cloud solutions that allow you to embrace the strengths and benefits of both your mainframe and the cloud, starting with your data.

Rocket Software’s data integration solutions for hybrid cloud environments help you unlock mainframe data and leverage it with your tools of choice to discover new potential and uncover deeper insights. Now you can manage mainframe data and workloads with simplicity and speed while you embrace and innovate with the cloud. No matter where you are in your journey, you can solve your most complex IT challenges with solutions that simplify your modernization.

Common approaches to modernization

On premise. Public cloud. Hybrid cloud.

  • 45%

    of IT leaders are focusing on modernization in place or a hybrid approach

  • 21%

    plan to reuse or repurpose existing solutions on-premise

  • 24%

    plan to add cloud extensions to existing solutions

  • Decrease your time to value with IBM Power® and IBM Z® integrated into your cloud and digital strategies.
  • Reduce storage expenses by archiving mainframe data to the cloud for long-term retention, while maintaining recovery flexibility for compliance.
  • Easily identify and understand your data, dependencies, and relationships to make the right decisions.
  • Access and query mainframe data without having to move it, ensuring security while driving actionable insights.
  • Sync data to the cloud with powerful data capture and bi-directional data replication to truly modernize and integrate your mainframe with cloud strategies, at a low cost.
  • Federate and consolidate access to content, content archives and repositories in the cloud.
  • Find and inventory complex data ecosystems to improve management and governance.

Push your limits. Without breaking your infrastructure.

With Rocket Software, you won’t just meet your next milestone, you’ll transform your ability to adapt to constant change. From mainframe to cloud, we help you deploy, execute, and manage workloads across your chosen infrastructure with added agility, security, and reliability.

Transform your workloads.
Any environment.

Explore the Rocket Hybrid Cloud solutions family to learn how you can add scale and flexibility to your existing infrastructure to accelerate modernization.

Unlock the potential of data

Facilitate and leverage a consolidated, single source of truth for the data assets that underpin and drive informed decisions for your business and digital transformation.
Learn more about Rocket Data Intelligence

Gain real-time insights

Create virtualized, integrated views of mainframe and other enterprise data for immediate read/write access that drives real-time insight into risk, customers and revenue opportunities.
Learn more about Rocket Data Virtualization

Replicate and sync live data

Replicate mainframe data—in real time, in bulk—to the cloud with powerful data capture, bi-directional sync and a low impact on MIPS.
Learn more about Rocket Data Replicate and Sync (formerly tcVISION)

Reduce storage and capacity costs

Copy and move mainframe data to private or public cloud storage to reduce costs and improve backup and recovery.
Learn more about Rocket Cloud Connector

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