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Rocket® Application Quality Management

Rocket’s Application Portfolio Management module provides the details, mapping, and reporting necessary to facilitate significant improvements in your application productivity.

Rocket® Content Automation

Organizations can tailor user experiences, automation with various systems, and information management through a single and agile solution

Rocket® CorVu®

BI and Enterprise Performance Management solutions that help you turn data into the insights you need to execute on corporate strategy

Rocket® Cypress

Rocket Cypress’s modular, scalable architecture arms teams to assemble large volumes of documents from a variety of sources and applications

Rocket® C\Prof

Capture and analyze problems when they first occur with point-in-time snapshots of CICS internal trace data.

Rocket® DevOps

Rocket® DevOps software enables true end-to-end (CI/CD) for IBM i+ environments. Businesses can extend holistic DevSecOps best practices to the IBM i.

Rocket® Enterprise Storage

Ensure business continuity and resilience, and drive modernization with innovative mainframe storage capabilities.

Rocket® EOS 360

EOS 360 allows you to allocate precious MSUs to business-critical applications, improving the efficiency of your output management system

Rocket® Folio/NXT

Automated content search and publishing solutions that provide easy access to structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources

Rocket® iCluster®

Cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions for IBM® i applications.


A comprehensive JCL management solution that removes hours of programming

Rocket® JOB/SCAN

A full-featured and easy-to-use solution for managing job control language (JCL) on the mainframe.

Rocket® Legacy IDMS Utilities

CA-IDMS utilities help developers with tools for isolating faults as well as integrating multiple remedies for effective recovery and audit.

Rocket® M204

Unparalleled Mainframe Application Performance, Interoperability, Flexibility and Scalability

Rocket® Mainstar®

Systems, security, and data management solutions that help your IBM zSystems/OS®, Db2®, and IMS™ systems operate at peak efficiency

Rocket® OpenTech

Data relocation and workload separation solutions for IBM zSystems that help ensure business continuity and simplify compliance management

Rocket® Outbound Enterprise

With Outbound Enterprise, you can run unattended data transfers between IBM-compatible, zSeries servers (z/OS, VSE, VM, and zLinux)

Rocket® PRO/JCL

A DevOps enabled JCL management solution for an optimized environment

Rocket® Remote Desktop

Increasing complexities of remote work, cloud adoption and system migration demands simple, efficient and cost-effective remote access.

Rocket® TMON® ONE

Combine the power of Rocket TMON and Rocket TMON PA to gain a deeper understanding of the health of your IBM Z mainframe, zCloud.

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