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Unlock the Vast Potential of Data

Built for the world’s largest organizations

Utilize a self-service data intelligence platform built on automation that spans cloud, distributed, and mainframe infrastructures. Our data intelligence software can manage the complex environments of the world’s largest organizations, regardless of how they are using their data.

    Built for every data user

    Our data intelligence software provides an intuitive interface and clear visualizations that allows all users – regardless of their background in data science – can quickly obtain an expansive view of the organization’s data landscape and the data context needed to understand which data can be trusted.

    • Data teams can focus on delivering the unique value that comes from exceptional data, including uncovering opportunities to optimize costs, and reduce compliance exposure.
    • IT can improve upfront planning for the data components of an IT modernization or growth initiative, thus leading to quicker and more reliable outcomes.
    • Lines of Business can execute business reporting more efficiently to free up resources for garnering data insights.

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    Empower your Organization with Greater Data Intelligence Solutions

    Why should companies focus on data intelligence solutions? According to IDC1, organizations with high levels of data intelligence outpace counterparts with low data intelligence levels in numerous ways:

    • 40% boost in financial performance
    • 20% increase in operations success
    • 200% surge in rate of reported improvements in data management metrics

    Moreover, a strong data intelligence solution is crucial to driving many critical initiatives across your organization.

    Streamline Modernization

    Data modernization is a risky initiative that, without expert preparation, will inflate costs.

    Accelerate Growth

    Trimming data bloat and employee hours spent on data management frees up IT for value-generating initiatives.

    Increase Agility

    Only trusted data will lead to decision-making that delivers greater business efficiencies and superior customer experience.

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    Sustain Compliance

    Efficiently handle audits with a long-term, cost-effective data intelligence solution that proactively manages regulatory compliance.

    1: IDC. Data Intelligence in the Future of Intelligence

    Evolve Your Data Intelligence Practices

    How your organization derives value from Rocket Data Intelligence software can evolve over time. Begin with a thorough discovery process to map the data landscape across your entire IT infrastructure. Once you know what data you have and its origins, plan around data you can trust. At this time, take measures to remediate bad quality data. Finally, optimize your data footprint and processes to maximize the value and efficiency of your critical business initiatives.

    Discover your Data Landscape

    • Start with a system inventory, which helps you quickly and comprehensively identify critical data for your company’s business and regulatory requirements.
    • Utilize dependency analysis to fully map the relationships between your data and applications.
    • Leverage root cause analysis to diagnose why data values may not be matching your expectations.

    Plan around Trusted Data

    • Use impact analysis to identify and plan for the downstream effects of updating data and data flows.
    • Leverage lineage comparison to validate data integrity. Lineage comparison utilizes automated data lineage to build a before and after view of your data for when you conduct large-scale initiatives like cloud migration or data integration.

    Optimize your Data Footprint and Processes

    • Utilize data insights to improve the health of your data landscape:
      • Identify opportunities to reduce data bloat, from simple updates to large-scale events like cloud migration or M&A.
      • Map out ETL’s and remove unused processes
      • Identify and remove low-quality data that is not providing value to the overall data landscape.
    • Harness data monitoring to seamlessly adjust to continuous updates in data structures and data flows.

    Rocket Data Intelligence software contains several components such as Rochade, Becubic, CAE, and others. Please refer to the documentation page for more detailed descriptions of each of these components.