Remove the barriers that prevent you from leveraging data assets across your organization

Increase data use and trust

Build trust in data with improved understanding of its origins, processes, and business context

Find and use the right data

Enable your data experts to classify and curate data to enhance its discoverability and business usage

  • Protect Sensitive Data: Track and centralize policy management of data to comply with GDPR and CCPA/CCPR without locking down the crucial insights they contain
  • Visualize Regulatory Lineage: Comply with regulations requiring full data visibility, including BCBS 239, CCAR, FRTB, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX and other mandates
  • Increase Data Stewardship Productivity: Centralize management of data to deliver quality, trusted data for better business decisions
  • Manage Reference Data Consistently: Facilitate reuse and remove the risks of incorrect values with reliable, accurate and controlled view for all stakeholders
  • Reduce Risk with Automated Impact Analysis: Understand change impacts across the enterprise, beyond data stores and applications, and keep an audit trail of why change was made
  • Eliminate Data Bloat and Redundancies: Rationalize obsolete, redundant, unused and ungoverned data to save costs, reduce compliance risks and enhance discoverability of “good” data

The demand for data-driven insights and innovation has never been higher. Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s global enterprises hinges on the ability to leverage trusted data to make informed and strategic business decisions.