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Your solution for real-time data management

Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync provides real-time, high-performance data replication and synchronization across diverse platforms, from on-premises mainframes to the cloud. This seamless integration bridges the gap between traditional and modern systems, streamlining your modernization efforts.

Minimize complexity, delays, errors, and compatibility challenges. Efficiently capture data changes and unify various data stores, ensuring low latency, high availability, and data integrity. With a user-friendly deployment process, you can strategically position your data to harness the potential of AI, machine learning, and analytics, propelling innovation in a data-centric landscape.

With Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync, businesses can:

  • Simplify and streamline data operations: Feed changes directly to data warehouses and data lakes, enhancing analytics and supporting vital processes.
  • Bridge the gap: Whether you're operating on-premises or in the cloud, we integrate fragmented data for a cohesive data management experience.
  • Ensure continuity: Safeguard against interruptions to vital data operations.
  • Amplify decision-making: Harness real-time data to make precise, timely business choices.

Future-proofing finance: A European bank's strategic
transformation of its legacy data infrastructure

Scenario: A leading European bank, faced rising CPU costs due to increased transaction loads from online and mobile banking.
Results: They implemented Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync (formerly tcVISION) to offload data in real-time to a more cost-effective system, significantly reducing their mainframe's CPU load. This not only led to considerable cost savings but also empowered the bank with real-time analytics, event handling, and fraud prevention, enhancing overall operational efficiency and data management capabilities.

SIA's Technological Transformation: Leveraging   
efficient data replication in a modernized infrastructure

Scenario: In 2011, SIA transitioned from SIA-SSB after a merger. The integration consolidated four data centers into two and optimized the IT landscape with a mix of technologies, including IBM mainframes, UNIX, Linux, and Windows workstations, paired with Db2 and Oracle databases.
Results: SIA successfully integrated IBM mainframe systems with Db2 and Oracle databases using Rocket® Data Replicate and Sync (formerly tcVISION). This ensured real-time data replication, minimal CPU consumption, and efficient cross-platform services, strengthening SIA's position in the market.

Government transformation: Rocket Software takes  
legacy systems to the digital front lines

Scenario: A government agency faced rising costs from outdated applications and a dearth of skilled staff. A need to replace legacy systems and introduce advanced business services was paramount.
Results: We integrated APIs, mobile apps, and digital channels, significantly cutting time to market and ensuring compatibility with modern tech. Real-time data sync between mainframe, AWS, and Azure platforms optimized transitions and bolstered new initiatives.

Integration and compatibility

We offer a broad range of source and target integrations to ensure you have the flexibility to manage and adapt your data as your needs evolve.

In an era of diverse data needs, Rocket Data Replicate and Sync stands as a unifying solution providing the best of both on-prem and the cloud, ensuring your data is always where you need it, when you need it.