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More organizations that rely on the IBM zSystems® mainframe are embracing open source software for z/OS to modernize mainframe application development. But unsupported open source can open your organization to security and compliance risks — and you may not know it’s happening.

If your mainframe developers and admins are using unsupported open source languages and tools for z/OS, they aren’t meeting your organization’s security and compliance standards — and that puts your organization and your customers at risk.

Close your open source security gaps

With Rocket’s Open Source Solutions for z/OS, you can empower developers with fully supported modern interfaces from Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe as well as 20 popular open-source languages and tools Rocket Software has ported for z/OS — including Git, Python, cURL and Bash — all while ensuring your organization remains secure and compliant with 24x7 support and assurance of rapid CVE fixes.

Focus on growing your business while Rocket Software focuses on keeping your open source for z/OS secure.

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