A true Content Services platform

Rocket Mobius is an efficient content services platform that empowers organizations to embrace new ways of working while securing and governing sensitive information. Break down information silos across numerous business and technology ecosystems and enable your teams to connect applications, streamline processes, and simplify user access.

Support your cloud strategy

Modernize to the cloud — hybrid or all-in — to lower costs without compromising on security, governance, and compliance regulations. Improve productivity and legacy workflows by reducing costs, reducing vendors and complexity.

Automate and extend your business processes

Organize, secure, verify and manage info lifecycles automatically at scale, for low-cost compliance. Make your business more competitive, improving experiences and efficiency through process improvement with our comprehensive Rocket Mobius content services platform.

Reduce costs and boost compliance
Eliminate redundant systems and vendors
Manage critical data across a hybrid infrastructure
Consolidate content and improve accessibility
Ensure data quality and governance

Rocket Mobius solutions for SAP

Rocket® Mobius for SAP Integration is easy to install, configure, and deploy. The no-code approach reduces cost, and installation and implementation time.  Rocket Mobius has been providing SAP Certified solutions since 1998.

SAP Document and Data Archiving

Our Rocket® Mobius SAP Interface provides high-performance, back-end archiving of SAP documents and data into the Rocket Mobius platform while making it accessible from within SAPGUI or outside of SAP. This reduces the size of your HANA data footprint by removing documents and data from your SAP database and storing them on-prem or in the cloud.

Connect Silos to SAP

With our Rocket Mobius content services platform, content and documents from systems outside of SAP can be linked to business objects and create SAP transactions.

  • Link archived content automatically to SAP business objects
  • Link non-SAP content to SAP transactions and/or master data records

Unlock More Data Value

SAP documents and data can be delivered through alternative channels to support your business.

  • SharePoint
  • Handheld Devices
  • Customer Portals
  • Vendor Portals
  • Automation and Analytics Engines

View our brochure on Rocket Mobius integration for SAP environments