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Confidently share personalized documents and data with customers, users, and partners

Improve your agility while transforming experiences

Today, your organization needs to deliver more personalized experiences at volume and secure sensitive content to comply with the world’s evolving privacy and regulatory demands. Fail to do so and you can miss opportunities to improve customer retention and introduce brand and financial compliance risks.

Personalization at scale

Rocket Cypress’s modular, scalable architecture arms teams to assemble large volumes of documents from a variety of sources and applications while establishing business rules and policies to ensure documents are created and governed in line with ever changing regulations.

Scale report distribution
Personalized document composition
Extensible forms management
Multi-channel document delivery
Secure archive, search, and retrieval
Integrated data mining and analysis
Modernized infrastructure deployment

Rocket Cypress automates and streamlines output and print processing while enabling you to govern, store, and archive content in line with industry and privacy regulations.

Reduce total cost of ownership: Employ flexible options and a modular approach to lower total costs of ownership

Improve operational performance: Design and automate the collection, assembly, and distribution of content used in processes and experiences

Decrease compliance risk: Govern information to be secure and compliant with global and regional regulations

Deliver relevant documents: Create more relevant and personalized documents by integrating information from various sources, including JSON and XML

Achieve fast time to value: Deploy instantly with Docker with high-scalability in the cloud and on-premises