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Enable modern DevOps tools and best practices for your IBM I+ applications

IBM i Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Our DevOps tools enable true end-to-end (CI/CD) for IBM i+ environments. Businesses can extend holistic DevSecOps best practices to the IBM i, pursue innovative experimentation, easily respond to compliance audits, and adapt to the ever-changing expectations of process, technology, or experience.

Rocket Security & Compliance

In the face of changing regulations and the increasing threat landscape, Rocket DevOps, is part of Rocket’s Security & Compliance solutions designed to de-risk your modernization through the most robust technology, expertise, services, and support. Click here to learn more about Rocket’s Security and Compliance family of integrated products.

30-plus years setting up customers for success with DevOps tools

And, with the unmatched experience of our DevOps services team, you’ll be set up for success quickly, with a customized implementation that works best for your business and the power to take ownership over any future changes.

The IBM i no longer lives in isolation. Businesses must respond to customer and market needs regardless of how their IT infrastructures are set up. Similarly, customers expect development and IT teams to deliver the applications, environments, and process best practices that help businesses excel. This is true regardless of whether these businesses are working with RPG or Java.

With our DevOps tools you can:

  • Establish agile DevSecOps methodologies and processes across your multi-code environment
  • Implement “shift left” testing for true CI/CD
  • Weave security throughout your DevSecOps process via automation and controls
  • Include the tools and integrations your organization needs to build end-to-end DevSecOps workflows, from requirement gathering to delivery
  • Enable non-RPG talent to engage and support the IBM i DevOps process

Make Truly Flexible CI/CD Processes a Reality

Rocket DevOps tools allow companies to implement CI/CD to enable freedom of experimentation throughout the development and deployment lifecycles. You can utilize built-in project management functionality or integration with third-party tools. This provides developers and IT teams with environments that refine and test new user experiences, technologies, or processes needed to enable continuous innovation.  

To achieve true CI/CD, Rocket DevOps software incorporates automation throughout its structure and authorization controls. This ensures developers can focus on rapid iteration and testing, freeing them from time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The built-in automated workflows in our DevOps tools also eliminate reliance upon error-prone manual workflows, accelerate development, and improve productivity across the workflow.  

Revitalize Every Aspect of the Development Cycle

Engage out-of-the-box automation and precise testing

Automate various manual development tasks like data gathering, change requests, deployments, release documentation, and updates. Perform multiple tests seamlessly within Rocket DevOps and speed up time-to-market for high quality releases. Begin continuous integration that allows developers to focus on higher-value work while improving audit compliance.

Improve workflow visibility and streamline compliance reporting

Rocket DevOps software reduces the administrative burden on IT teams. It streamlines compliance requirements via pre-packaged templates, permissions/controls, and automation capabilities. Customize intuitive dashboard elements for development, QA, management, delivery/release, audit teams, and others. Encourage collaboration across a diversity of code bases, platforms, and systems for ease of continuous integration and deployment.

With Rocket DevOps you can align with the spirit of DevOps by collecting, tracking, and assigning change requests to the right stakeholders on one platform; improve project scoping, speed up delivery, and run development with great agility; and enable continuous deployment or delivery by leveraging Rocket DevOps’ market-leading deployment and release management capabilities. And, if you are being asked to standardize DevOps tools across IT, you can improve the potency and capabilities of your DevOps teams with a wide range of popular development tools that readily integrate and work with Rocket DevOps. You’ll be able to tailor your DevOps best practices to suit your business needs, without limitations.