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An IT solution provider turned to Rocket to automate and minimize the risk of rolling out POS software to its clients.


This customer, who supplies point-of-sale solutions to thousands of retailers in the US, needed help ensuring that each retailer is using the most up-to-date software to help keep consumer transactions secure. That meant the company had to upgrade their coding processes so that software code can be automatically deployed to the right place at the right time when updates are ready.

The system needed to be fully traceable, with the power to automate and reduce risk for their development team when rolling out code. Plus, they needed the ability to roll back any problem code when developer errors occur. To handle regular turnover of development staff, the customer also wanted to maintain application information in a single place to ensure long-term enhancements could always be made.


The company partnered with Rocket to ensure that all point-of-sale systems were up to date. Now, every application copy given to each of the company’s clients has Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager embedded into it. This gives the company much-needed automation capabilities that makes life easier for operations managers, combined with a rock-solid audit trail to safeguard sensitive client and financial information. All items in each release can be tracked to determine how any change impacts the system as a whole. This ability makes it easy to see each component associated with an application, as well as its current status. By using the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager software in their development lab, the company enables their code to be written quickly, concurrently, and safely. The company’s code is now more secure and efficient, and the risk of developers inadvertently wiping out each other’s work is minimized.

With a focus on long-term advancements in retail payment systems, the company uses Rocket Aldon ALM to help preserve the application knowledge in a central repository, so that enhancements are always possible.

Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager gives the company much-needed automation capabilities and establishes an audit trail to ensure that client and financial information remains secure. With Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager, their code can now be written efficiently, concurrently, and safely. The application knowledge is also preserved in a central repository through Rocket Aldon ALM, so that enhancements can always be made.
Puneet Kohli
Vice President Engineering, Power BU
Rocket Software

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