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Rocket® TRUfusion Enterprise

Get automated, traceable, and secure data exchange with your PLM

Fast and frictionless product design data exchange with your partners

Automated, traceable, secure CAD and PLM data exchange with your customers and suppliers

TRUfusion Enterprise is a simple, cost-effective complementary solution for companies using CAD and PLM systems such as Siemens NX and Teamcenter®, PTC Creo and Windchill™, and Dassault Systemes CATIA, allowing you to easily and securely manage the exchange of CAD files and related product design data from within your PLM system.

Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise Overview

Automation is the secret

Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise automates repetitive file-exchange activities between your company and your customers, suppliers, and partners — activities include importing and exporting to different PLM systems; translating CAD data into different formats; checking, restructuring, and renaming files to ensure integrity and quality; sending and receiving data; and tracking key activities.

Supported CAD systems, PLM systems, and standards

Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise supports or integrates with many CAD and PLM standards and systems out of the box, and Rocket experts monitor and stay in sync with all the latest releases of supported systems. We can help you build efficient file-transfer integrations between different product design authoring and data management software, including in-house-developed software.

TRUfusion Enterprise Benefits:

  • Improve employee productivity through process automation and management
  • Streamline your entire product development process, from RFQ to approval of a production-ready designs
  • Share engineering CAD and related design data with your external partners in less time, with lower costs
  • Prevent costly errors, project delays, and false starts
  • Simplify compliance with internal and/or regulatory policies, standards, and best practices

If you have high transaction volumes for CAD data exchange and PLM workflow, the potential savings can be thousands (or even tens of thousands) of person-hours per year.