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Modernize in place. Innovate at your pace.

Bridge mainframe, distributed and cloud tools with a single technology fabric that unifies and governs critical business data and information. Modernize at your pace with Rocket Software’s Content Services platform.

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Accelerate your journey. Minimize disruptions.

Reduce cost

Eliminate redundant systems and vendors while accelerating agility and time to market.

Reduce risk

Ensure data security, compliance, and governance with controlled access to information across environments.

Gain efficiency

Centralize business-critical content for fast, secure access to the insights that fuel your business.

Unlock data value

Gain new insights while bringing accuracy and context to key decision points.


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Because it doesn’t exist.

Managing large volumes of content across siloed environments adds complexity that makes it difficult to gain quick and efficient access to important data—fast. At Rocket Software, we work closely with you to develop strategies and implement tailored content management solutions that reduce operational costs, improve data access, mitigate compliance risk, and improve customer experiences.

Our team of experts helps you connect mission-critical content across mainframe, distributed, and cloud technologies with a hybrid approach that accelerates your modernization efforts. Boost your resilience and respond to market demands quickly while ensuring even the most complex compliance standards and high customer demands are met.


Eliminate silos. Structure data. Reduce bottlenecks.

  • 80%

    Of IT professionals agree the mainframe is critical to business operations.

  • 56%

    Of organizations are modernizing their mainframe platform.

  • $2.8T

    Forecasted global digital transformation spending by 2025

  • Eliminate silos by integrating systems and apps with a single API.
  • Streamline information processes by automating tasks while ensuring data quality and compliance at scale.
  • Enhance data accuracy with automated error detection and correction in real time, plus audit history tracking for future use.
  • Create custom content volumes and structures that make it easier to share documents with customers and partners.

Streamline systems. Without the setbacks.

With Rocket® Content Services, you’ll mobilize your modernization journey without interrupting your customers’ experience. Streamline your security, compliance, and governance with Rocket Software’s structured and layered access.

Integrated solutions.
Not interim fixes.

Explore the Rocket Content Services family of integrated products to learn how you can improve data management, user experience, and information governance.

Eliminate silos

Connect and consolidate your enterprise data by integrating systems and apps with a single API.
Learn more about Rocket® Mobius

Easily share documents

Create custom content volumes and structures that make it easier to share documents with customers and partners.
Learn more about Rocket® Cypress

Drive efficiency and increase security

Rocket EOS 360 allows you to allocate precious MSUs to business-critical applications, improving the efficiency of your output management system.
Learn more about Rocket® EOS 360

Enhance data accuracy

Monitor, reconcile and improve processes in real time, syncing data quality and compliance at scale.
Learn more about Rocket® Audit and Analytic Services

Streamline content management

Automate, govern and transform your content all while maintaining data quality and compliance.
Learn more about Rocket® Content Automation

Connect Enterprise Content to SAP

Reduce storage costs and uplevel governance on SAP data and documents while connecting information silos and bolstering user experience.
Learn more about Rocket Mobius for SAP

Modernize with Rocket Software. Without disruption.

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