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Rocket® Enterprise Orchestrator

Go Beyond Traditional Workload Automation: Orchestrate and Automate Your Entire DevOps Toolchain

True Cross-Platform Development and Operations Orchestration

Rocket Enterprise Orchestrator is a workload automation and DevOps orchestration platform that seamlessly integrates all your business processes, from mainframe to cloud. With Enterprise Orchestrator, enable your IT teams with the automation, central visibility, and orchestration between operating systems, platforms, business applications, and the DevOps tool chain. By prioritizing a holistic approach to your automation strategy, you can expect a significant improvement in the quality, velocity, and efficiency of your delivery.

Rethink Your Automation Strategy

Rocket Enterprise Orchestrator provides the connectivity and visibility IT leaders need to manage all processes from a single console. The automation of end-to-end business and DevOps value streams enables organizations to optimize process flows, improve resource efficiency, and bridge disjointed processes and their associated costs. It empowers IT leaders to meet the infrastructure and operations needs of their quickly-growing business to delight their customers.

Rocket Enterprise Orchestrator offers a growing number of integrations like SAP, Jira, Kubernetes, and more to support the ever-changing IT landscape. For ecosystems with many instances of Rocket workload automation products, add Rocket Scheduling Environment Manager to centrally monitor across Rocket Zeke™, Rocket Zena™, and Rocket Enterprise Orchestrator platforms.