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Rocket® Data Recovery Manager

Ensure your critical mainframe data assets are protected and recoverable

Keep your mainframe and your business resilient to every type of outage

Reduce data recovery time

Easily identify application data and recover the data that matters most, optimizing recovery time and recovery point objectives for improved agility and security.

Recover specific datasets

Use the available Rocket® Data Recovery for Dell® zDP option to perform granular, point-in-time recovery at the dataset level from Dell zDP snapshots, saving recovery time and improving security.

Easily discover critical application data assets

Ensuring that your business is resilient to every type of outage is daunting. With Rocket Data Recovery Manager, you can quickly restore access to data and meet your demands for continuous data availability, and with the available Data Recovery for Dell zDP option, you can execute point-in-time surgical recovery at the dataset level with Dell zDP snapshots

Reduce backup time by 40%-60%

Fast backup times and easy-to-use tools streamline the process of preparing for local recovery or disaster recovery. Powerful filtering options and easy set-up during implementation help ensure that your critical data sets are always backed up.

Point-in-time recovery

Restoring data is faster and easier with Data Recovery Manager. By automatically analyzing defined applications, Data Recovery Manager provides an application overview that can become the central source for recovery planning information. The overview quickly produces a file that contains a complete list of data sets required to successfully restore the application at the recovery site.

Prove compliance

Additionally, Data Recovery Manager helps you prove your recoverability. Be prepared for data backup audits on IBM zSystems® by producing critical data asset lists that demonstrate compliance with internal and federal regulations like the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). You can also ensure and show that backups are retained for the appropriate amount of time.