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Safeguard your business with unbeatable security

As cyber threats evolve, so do we. From legacy to cloud, Rocket Software offers robust security solutions that comply with stringent regulations like DORA and PCI DSS 4.0. Navigate your business's modernization with confidence.

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In the face of changing regulations and the increasing threat landscape,
Rocket Security & Compliance solutions are designed to de-risk your modernization
initiatives through the most robust technology, expertise, services, and support
for digital operational resilience and robust risk management oversight.


Vigilance in the age of DORA

In an era where regulations such as the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) demand rigorous and responsive security protocols, it is imperative to prepare now for true operational readiness.

Rocket Software's security and compliance solutions are engineered to ensure your organization can prepare for and rapidly recover from any disruption, aligning with DORA, PCI DSS 4.0, and other regulations' requirements.

Is your strategy resilient enough to respond?

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Our Solution Suite

Explore the Rocket Security and Compliance family of integrated products to learn how
you can de-risk your modernization initiatives.

Rocket® Mainframe Security

Ensure z/OS is up-to-date against regulations like DORA and PCI DSS 4.0 with comprehensive vulnerability management and pen testing, open source monitoring, data recovery, and compliance assessments, for scalable risk management oversight.

Learn more about Rocket® Mainframe Security

Rocket® DevOps

End-to-end continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) designed for IBM i+ environments and developed with compliance and security in mind. Adapt to ever-changing expectations be it via process, technology, or experience, including responding to compliance audits more easily.

Learn more about Rocket® DevOps

Rocket® Open Source Solutions for Zowe

Rocket® Open Source Solutions for Zowe provide full support for the Zowe development environment running on the mainframe. Get creative, safely.

Learn more about Rocket® Open Source Solutions for Zowe

Rocket® Terminal Emulator

Rocket® Terminal Emulator leverages data via desktop, web, and mobile user interfaces with a lower total cost of ownership. Create away.

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Rocket® Mobius

Simplify compliance for customer data and documents residing in business applications by consolidating into a single governance solution for redaction, access and life cycle management.

Learn more about Rocket® Mobius

Rocket® Multi-factor Authentication

Rocket® Multi-factor Authentication protects against password vulnerabilities in one of the most at-risk areas: your IBM® i (AS/400) or IBM zSystems®, where your core business logic lives.

Learn more about Rocket® Multi-factor Authentication

Rocket® Data Recovery for Dell zDP

Rocket® Data Recovery for Dell zDP streamlines pinpoint recovery for vital application data, enhancing speed and security. Get precise dataset-level recovery from Dell zDP snapshots and bolster your data resilience.

Learn more about Rocket® Data Recovery for Dell zDP


Data System Access. User Authentication. Encryption.

  • $5.8M

    average revenue lost from a single non-compliance event

  • 58%

    IT leaders who struggle to balance security with performance requirements

  • 91%

    mainframe organizations with a compromise or breach of data in the past five years

  • Precision Vulnerability Management: Benefit from the industry's most accurate mainframe vulnerability management, significantly reducing risks and costs with an impressively low false positive rate.
  • Rapid Ransomware Response: Stay resilient against cyber threats with our rapid response capabilities, ensuring ransomware attacks are addressed in hours, not weeks.
  • Data Modernization Mastery: Seamlessly modernize enterprise data and content with our robust capabilities, ensuring a smooth transition to digital efficiency without compromising security.
  • Streamlined DevOps Compliance: Leverage pre-configured compliance and audit solutions to navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence, saving time and resources while maintaining rigorous standards.

Reduce risk.
Empower your business.

In the face of complex security and compliance demands, leading C-suite executives trust Rocket Software. Our advanced solutions offer unparalleled protection and compliance, crafted for the future of IT infrastructure.

Rocket Software is your ally in navigating the intricacies of a secure and compliant digital transformation. We empower your organization with the foresight to protect, comply, and lead in the digital era.

Modernization. Without Disruption.™

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