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Global Financial Firm

Global Financial Firm converts to RACF
This global financial firm works with over 20,000 clients and over 60,000 employees in offices spanning 30 countries. The firm handles a high volume of more than 79 billion transactions processed per year across the globe and is responsible for moving over $10 trillion annually.

Global companies collect millions of pieces of sensitive information from their clients, including names, addresses, social security numbers, and employment data. That information is stored within the mainframe enterprise because of its built-in integrity. For a global financial firm, challenges started to arise as the company gradually moved toward a work-from-anywhere model for its thousands of employees. With so much information flowing through its offices and wherever employees chose to work from, the organization decided it wanted to digitally transform security operations.

The firm wanted to reduce security investigations and response time to security events by automating tasks through integration with third-party products across the enterprise. But adding to the existing challenges, these goals needed to be achieved in just 14 months.

  • Cost Savings: The successful conversion enabled the firm to reach cost savings goals, achieving $5 million ROI savings over three years.
  • Improved Compliance: The conversion process allowed the firm to identify holes in its compliance quickly and take appropriate action to address problems.
  • Seamless Conversion: KRI (now a part of Rocket Software), provided support that helped the firm convert to RACF within a tight deadline without disrupting operations.