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Rocket® Open AppDev for Z

Modernize mainframe DevOps with secure open-source software

Bring applications to market faster, at lower cost and with less risk

Modernize DevOps and empower developers

Empower next-gen developers with their preferred open-source languages and tools — including Git, Python, cURL, and Bash — and modern DevSecOps processes that accelerate time to market.

Keep your mainframe secure

Stay secure and compliant with over 20 open-source languages and tools thoroughly tested, scanned and certified to run on z/OS®, and access the most recent versions and fixes to CVEs.

Rocket Open AppDev for Z provides:

  • 20 ported open-source tools and languages for IBM® zSystems, bundled for the AppDev experience (with more to be added over time)
  • Secure, controlled, and easy deployment, with a package management system that also serves as an environment manager (SMP/E install option also available)
  • Rapid delivery of CVE patches and version currency updates
  • World-class 24x7x365 global support

Rocket Open AppDev for Z is much more than a collection of open-source software ports for z/OS. Rocket has years of investment into automation infrastructure, packaging and delivery options, and an experienced support team. This system combines the high security that mainframe customers demand with an easy user experience for developers and admins.

Many of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies and government agencies rely on open-source languages and tools for z/OS that are available through Open AppDev for Z. That’s why we feel it's essential that we check our deliverables for vulnerabilities and follow proper licensing requirements.

All of our products are:

  • Continuously kept up to date against the NIST National Vulnerability Database
  • Scanned for both security vulnerabilities and conformance to proper open-source licensing prior to release

Rocket Open AppDev for Z open-source ports can be delivered and maintained for your internal users in four different ways:

  • Public conda channel
  • Private conda channel
  • On-premises conda file channel
  • SMP/E

Get Started with Open-Source Languages and Tools.

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