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Drive greater organizational efficiency, efficacy, and agility

Tailored to the mainframe

Enjoy a high-performance, scalable automation solution designed to empower your next-gen mainframe workforce to continue maximizing value from your mission-critical systems.

Cloud-native and Enterprise-ready

Hit the ground running with a Kubernetes Cloud installation and seamless onboarding through the support of Rocket’s professional services organization.

An Endless Field of Automation Possibilities

Rocket Workflow and Process Automation supports a wide range of use cases across multiple industries. From insurance processing, to account management, to employee onboarding and more, any time-consuming activity with consistent rule-based decisions and digital inputs is a strong candidate. Moreover, our solution is ready to scale wherever you are, from processes that run ten times a week, to ones that run over a million times per day.

Achieve full visibility into business workflows to discover opportunities for automation.

Build workflow and process automation through an easy-to-use low-code UI.

Manage at an enterprise scale the deployment of your automation assets.

Monitor and adjust your runtime activities with Grafana or your tool-of-choice.

Measure the value of your automation assets and track activity for auditability.

The Rocket Software Advantage

Gartner estimates organizations can achieve a 30% reduction in operational costs by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes. Rocket’s 30-plus years of mainframe expertise helps you extend those benefits to your mission-critical systems. With Rocket Workflow and Process Automation:

  1. Adopt an integrated workflow and process automation offering that minimizes vendor management overhead and integration complications across your automation toolchain.
  2. Efficiently scale automation initiatives to enterprise-level demands with a product that directly interfaces with your mainframe.
  3. Streamline deployment into any test and production environment with OpenAPI compatible automation assets that also provide cross-platform visibility into data silos.
  4. Empower citizen developers with a Low-Code BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow modeler and a GUI-based robot builder that ensure business experts stay at the forefront in designing automation-driven, complex workflows.