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Rocket® U2 DBTools

Equip yourself for application success

Rocket® U2 DBTools solutions include the Eclipse-based tools for programming and administration. Discover the latest tools that work with both U2 databases:

  • U2 RESTful Web Services
  • Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT)
  • Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin)
  • U2 Web Services Developer (U2 WSD)
  • Many more
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U2 BASIC Developer Toolkit (BDT)

U2 BDT provides a modern integrated development environment, and consists of a set of Eclipse plug-ins for working with U2 BASIC programs.

BDT’s code editor helps developers write code more efficiently while achieving better readability and maintainability, and provides advanced features such as in-line syntax checking, code completion, hover help, refactoring, code style templates, compiling and cataloguing programs, editing dynamic arrays and HTML, as well as many other capabilities useful to experienced and new programmers alike.

BDT’s debugger allows line-by-line code execution, stepping into and over a subroutine, setting breakpoints, watching variables, and attaching to a background program.

Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin)

XAdmin includes key administration functions for UniData and UniVerse. Its major features include performance monitors with configurable report views, alerts, a record and replay facility, SSL and data encryption administration, replication administration and monitoring, a licensing wizard, client/server logging, and other features.

XAdmin simplifies administration tasks with a modern user interface that provides:

  • Resizable, movable, detached views
  • Filters for server/account/file views or columns of output views
  • A table/tree user interface for the configuration editor
  • Bubble help

Users can extend XAdmin by adding their own administration menus to call BASIC routines or adding tasks to the Admin Task view. They can also embed XAdmin views into their own Eclipse-based applications.

U2 RESTful Web Services Developer (U2 REST)

U2 REST defines and publishes U2 resources, such as data files and subroutines, so they can be accessed in a RESTful manner. It enables a simple, lightweight, HTTP-based access to these resources, ideal for the development of browser and smart phone-based applications. U2 RESTful Web Services can be consumed on a variety of platforms and by dynamic programming languages.

U2 REST secures data with SSL and HTTP-based user authentication while providing optimistic concurrency control and connection pooling for scalability. U2 REST uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to transmit data efficiently.