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Rocket® U2 Web Development Environment (Web DE)

Rapid object-based interface for U2

The Rocket® U2 Web Development Environment (Web DE) is a tool to abstract data and business logic in server-side objects that follow industry standards for use in web and mobile applications. It ensures maximum business uptime and eliminates interruptions to business operations, and if you need to change your interface, you can simply reuse existing objects.

Monitoring Performance in Web DE v5.2.0

Help developers succeed

Rocket U2 Web DE handles incoming requests and outgoing responses that vary in volume and can occur in sudden surges, allowing administrators to balance resources and tune responsiveness to maximize web application performance. Support for database pause/resume and the ability to restart accounts eliminates interruptions and prevents loss of web requests when needing to perform database maintenance. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption secures data in flight and Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) secures data at rest. 

U2 Web DE lets U2 developers focus on what they know–understanding data architecture, selecting the right properties to expose, and defining key methods. Similarly, it allows web developers to pick their favorite interface, such as Java or .NET to build the front end while leveraging the object architecture.

Assuring the right end user experience

Rocket U2 Web DE helps companies connect with customers wherever they are—at their desks, on their phones or on the road, in retail sales, banking, transportation, package delivery services and more. U2 Web DE delivers the solution across the web—when and where it is needed. Full foreign language support using UniVerse National Language Support (NLS) or Rocket UniData® I18N allows web applications to run in the language of the customer.