What is Rocket.Build Community?

There are few groups more invested in the future of our communities than the students who live there. In 2019, we kicked off a new kind of Rocket.Build event that challenged university students in a friendly competition to conceptualize and build inspired software solutions that tackle real problems in their cities. Homelessness, cost of living, clean water access, deforestation; any community issue is a global issue.

Rocket.Build Community hackathons are one way Rocket practices the Core Values that make us “Rocket Software”—empathy, humanity, trust, and love. Empowering the next generation of developers through our experience and resources is how we’ll help them create the legendary technology of tomorrow.

What’s in it for you

  • Collaborate with Rocket engineering mentors
  • Win cool tech prizes
  • Show off your skills to score internship and job opportunities!

Rocket.Build Community theme examples

Rocket.Build Community empowers students, young professionals, and Rocketeers around the world to collaborate and solve significant local issues like:


In the most comprehensive study ever conducted, Habitat For Humanity estimated more than 20% of the world’s population lives without adequate housing. In that same study they found that no fewer than 150 million people are homeless and unsheltered.

Lack of access to safe housing affects every community in every country across the globe. At Rocket.Build Community events, we challenge students to come up with big, data-driven ideas to help those in need.


The declining health of our environment can be linked to a host of problems; from climate change, to loss of wildlife and ecologic diversity, to increases in Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Pollution, wildlife conservation, lack of clean water, coastal erosion—these problems are understood, but there is no consensus on how to execute meaningful measures that fix and reverse the damage.

Using big data and analytics, we ask students to conceive their own solutions to any combination of the challenges we share as residents of this planet.