Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions

Saves Time by Centralizing Document Control and Collaboration
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions is the innovator behind the performance of many of today's most sophisticated computer operations. Cobham serves industries as diverse as aerospace, high-altitude avionics, medicine, nuclear power, transportation, GPS, and networking and communications. Its products and services include high-reliability integrated circuits, electronic manufacturing, circuit card assembly, and radiation test services.
Cobham managed documentation for four distinct product lines, each with twenty products. This range of operations meant that at any given moment, inspectors and operators had to be able to access the latest versions of documentation for up to eighty products. The company relied on a legacy document management system that was becoming increasingly outdated. As the aging system faltered, Cobham grappled with performance and productivity constraints. Compatibility with current software applications became increasingly critical.
  • Increased productivity by centralizing and streamlining document control and collaboration
  • Reduced document retrieval and approval time from minutes to seconds
  • Achieved overall 20 percent time savings in document management with the ability to redeploy employees to more strategic initiatives
  • B2B Supply Chain Integration
The new system also automatically alerted staff via email when new documentation was ready for approval, resulting in 20 percent time savings in document management. Overall, Cobham reduced its document retrieval and approval time from minutes to seconds.