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We're excited to welcome AMC customers to Rocket Software! This guide will help ease your transition by outlining how to handle business transactions, manage finances, place orders, access technical support, engage in service delivery, download products, manage license keys, and much more. Customer Experience Guide

Please carefully review the appropriate agreement for your product. Agreements are classified as follows; (i) Rocket Software Agreements, (ii) former Micro Focus Product Agreements and (iii) former OpenText Product Agreements. Depending on the product you have purchased, additional agreements may also apply. See below for more details.

Rocket Software Product Agreements

All Rocket Software Products and related support are governed by the following agreements.

Rocket Software License and Services Agreement 

Rocket Software Additional Licensing Terms 

Rocket Software Technical Support User Guide 

Software Maintenance Support Service Terms 

Former Micro Focus Product Agreements

All former Micro Focus software products are governed by the following Micro Focus End User License Agreement, together with the associated Additional License Authorizations and including the Non-Production Licensing Guide. Related support is governed by the Business Support Agreement. These products include: COBOL, Mainframe ADLM, Enterprise Suite, Host Connectivity, CORBA, and OT Connectivity. See the full list of products

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Business Support Agreement

Extended Support Addendum

Customer Terms for Professional Services

Translated and localized versions of the End User License Agreement




Additional License Authorizations

Additional License Authorizations for ACUCOBOL/extend software products 

Additional License Authorizations for COBOL-IT software products 

Additional License Authorizations for CORBA software products 

Additional License Authorizations for Host Connectivity software products 

Additional License Authorizations for Legacy COBOL and Enterprise software products 

Additional License Authorizations for Mainframe ADLM software products 

Additional License Authorizations for RM/COBOL software products 

Additional License Authorizations for Visual COBOL & Enterprise software products 

Non-Production Licensing Guide  

Former Micro Focus

Translated and localized versions of the Business Support Agreement





Translated and localized versions of the Extended Support Addendum





Translated and localized versions of the Customer Terms for Professional Services





Former OpenText Product Agreements

All former OpenText software products are governed by the following End User License Agreements. See the full list of products

Americas - Canada, The United States, Latin America


Canada and the rest of North and South America (other than
Brazil, Mexico and the United States)  

Asia Pacific


EMEA - United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East Region


UK, Ireland and all other EMEA countries except those listed above

Former OpenText Additional License Documents - All Jurisdictions

License Model Schedule

Third Party Notifications

Former OpenText Products Support Terms and Conditions

Former OpenText Software Maintenance Program Handbook

Premium Support Handbook

Extended Support Handbook

Former Micro Focus Products list

COBOL-IT Compiler Suite and COBOL-IT Developer Studio, COBOL-IT Compiler Suite Enterprise Edition, COBOL-IT Developer Studio, COBOL-IT Enterprise Runtime, Application Server, Application Server for COBOL Workbench, Application Server for Net Express, Application Server for OCDS, Application Server for Server Express, COBOL Developer Suite, COBOL Toolbox, COBOL Workbench, Dialog System, Net Express, Net Express for Eclipse, Net Express Professional Edition, Net Express Professional with .NET, Net Express Professional with Server Express, Net Express with .NET, Net Express with Server Express, Object COBOL, Object COBOL Developer Suite (OCDS), Server Express, Server Express for Eclipse, Server Express Remote Development Option, Server for .NET, Server for COBOL, Server for SOA, Studio for COBOL Developers, Studio for ISVs, XDBC, XDBC Server, Critical Maintenance, Easy Code, Easy Code for Visual COBOL, Master Plan Contract, Relativity Data Manager, Relativity Data Server, Relativity DBA, Relativity Designer, RM/COBOL Deployment System, RM/COBOL Development System, RM/COBOL Runtime System, RM/COBOL SDK, RM/InfoExpress Server, WOW Extensions, Xcentrisity Business Information Server, XML Extensions, COBOL 2010 Runtime, COBOL Server, COBOL Server for Stored Procedures, Database Connector for DB2, Database Connector for Microsoft SQL Server, Database Connector for ODBC, Database Connector for Oracle, Database Connectors, Micro Focus Academic Program, Microsoft Visual Studio Professional, Relativity Designer Suite for MF COBOL, Relativity for Windows Workstations for MF COBOL, Relativity Server for MF COBOL, Application Analyzer, Application Architect, Business Rule Manager

Mainframe ADLM
ChangeMan M+R, ChangeMan SSM, Mainframe Suite for IBM Rational Development and Test for System Z, ChangeMan ECP, Comparex, Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS - Part No. ADLM001, StarTool DA, StarTool FDM, StarTool IOO

Enterprise Suite
Enterprise Suite Enterprise Server, Enterprise Server for .NET, Enterprise Server for Stored Procedures, Enterprise Server Subscription, Enterprise Sync, Enterprise Test Server, Enterprise Test Server Subscription, Enterprise View Express, Modernization Workbench Desktop Edition - Application Analyzer, Modernization Workbench Server, TAURUS for RDz, TAURUS for zExplorer and zServer, Mainframe Express, Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition, AAI, Appmaster Builder, Appmaster Builder Customiser, Appmaster Builder Generators, APS, Data Express for Distributed Systems, Data Express for z/OS, Data Express ODBC Extension, Data Express Oracle Extension, Data Masking Module, Enterprise View, kbAIM Code for zSeries, Mainframe Access Suite, Mainframe Manager, Open PL/I, Open PL/I Runtime, Revolve, Revolve Enterprise Edition, Revolve Options, XDB Maintain Enterprise, XDB Maintain Workgroup, reUZE Server, Server Enterprise Edition, Server for Mainframe Migration, reUZE Developer, Studio Enterprise Edition, Studio Enterprise Edition for ISVs, Studio for Mainframe Migration

Host Connectivity
Extra! 6530 Client, Extra! Mainframe Server Edition, Host Access Analyzer, Host Access for RPA, InfoConnect, InfoConnect Airlines Gateway, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition Airlines PTR32, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition Airlines PTRPlus, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition Airlines, IBM and Open Systems, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines PTR Premium, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines PTR Server, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys, InfoConnect Enterprise Edition Unisys, IBM and Open Systems, Advanced Authentication Enterprise Edition, MSS - Advanced Authentication Add-On, MSS - Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On, MSS - PKI Automated Sign-On Add-On, MSS - Security Proxy Add-On, MSS - Terminal ID Management Add-On, Chameleon UNIXLink 97, Component Generator Deployment, EnterpriseLink Deployment, EnterpriseLink Developer, EnterpriseLink Server Deployment Unlimited, EnterpriseLink Starter Pack, OnWeb, OnWeb Cluster Server, OnWeb Integration Server, OnWeb PDF, RUMBA FTP, ViewNow X Server, e-Vantage Enterprise Access Objects Windows, Reflection 2014, Reflection Enterprise Suite, Reflection Enterprise Suite AS/400 or Open Systems, Reflection for HP with NS/VT Windows, Reflection for IBM 2014, Reflection for IBM Windows, Reflection for Multi-Host Enterprise Standard Edition Win, Reflection for UNIX and Open VMS, Reflection for Windows, Reflection Mobile, Reflection NFS Client Windows, Reflection Suite for X Windows, Reflection X Windows, Reflection for Secure IT Client for UNIX, Reflection for Secure IT Client for Windows, Reflection for Secure IT for Enterprise Server, Reflection for Secure IT Gateway, Reflection for Secure IT Server for UNIX, Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows, Verastream Bridge Integrator, Verastream Integration Broker, Verastream Process Designer, Verastream SDK, Verastream Standard Kit, Verastream UTS, OnWeb Web to Host

Artix Management 3rd Party Integration, Artix Security Advanced,Artix Transaction Service, Orbix Mainframe Artix Transport Developer, Orbix Mainframe Artix Transport Plug-In, CORBA For Cloud-Docker-Virtual, CORBA Rest Proxy, OpenFusion Advanced Naming Service, OpenFusion Informix SP Database Plug-in, OpenFusion Log Service, OpenFusion Notification Service, OpenFusion Oracle SP Database Plug-in, OpenFusion Sybase SP Database Plug-in, OpenFusion Time Service, OpenFusion Trading Service, OpenFusion JacORB, OpenFusion JacORB ME, OpenFusion JacORB Project, Orbacus Development, Orbacus Notify Development, Orbacus Notify Runtime, Orbacus Runtime, Orbix Mainframe Cross Memory Transport, Orbix Mainframe Developer, Orbix Mainframe Management 3rd Party Integration, Orbix Mainframe Runtime, OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition, OpenFusion RTOrb Java Edition, OpenFusion TAO, OpenFusion TAO Project, OpenFusion TAO-FT with DAnCE, Borland Enterprise Server VisiBroker Edition, VisiExchange, VisiNotify, VisiSecure, VisiTransact, Orbix/E for ANSI C/C++, Visibroker-RT, Xtradyne I-DBC AppSecure, Xtradyne I-DBC Enterprise Edition, Xtradyne I-DBC NetSecure, Xtradyne I-DBC Platform, Xtradyne I-DBC ServiceConnect, Xtradyne I-DBC Virtual Appliance, Xtradyne Security Policy Server Enterprise Edition, Xtradyne Node Protect Security Interceptors and Console

Former OpenText Products list

OpenText Connectivity
Exceed TurboX, Exceed 3D, Exceed Freedom, Exceed OnDemand, Exceed PowerSuite, Exceed XDK, NFS Client, NFS Gateway, NFS Server, SOCKS Client, Host Explorer, NFS Solo, Secure Server, Secure Shell, Secure Terminal