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Application and trace events

To investigate an individual transaction further, you can drill-down to view the events in the life of the transaction. C\Prof Web UI shows you these events initially as high-level "application events" which summarize and simplify sequences of raw trace events recorded from the CICS internal trace.

Browsing events

To view application events, complete the following steps:

  1. Find the transaction you are interested in using the transaction list.
  2. Click the expand button (Expand) to reveal additional actions.
  3. Click the zoom button (Navigate) to display major application events.

C\\Prof Web UI Transaction Events Viewing application events in the C\Prof Web UI

Tip: To share this transaction with others, use the send button (Send) to copy the URL from your browser's address bar and then paste into an email or other communication method of your choice.

Viewing trace events

To view application events, complete the following steps:

  1. Find the application event you are interested in.
  2. Click the expand button (Expand). The trace events are displayed in the panel beneath the application event.

C\\Prof Web UI CICS Trace Events
Creating and viewing your own trace entries

Columns available for application events

The following columns are available when viewing application events. See Column configurations to configure your column settings.

Column name Meaning
APPLID CICS application ID
Call Abbreviated call statement
Command The formatted CICS API command
EIBFN EIB function code identifying the CICS command
EIBRESP (code) The EXEC CICS response code (EIB response code). For other event types the response can be the DB2 SQLCODE, IMS DL/I status code, MQRC or ABEND code.
EIBRESP (character) The EIB response code in character format
EIBRESP2 More detailed information that can help explain the value in the EIB response column
Elapsed Time The elapsed time of the command or event
Transaction-Local Event ID Event sequence number
Program The program that issued the command
Relative Time Elapsed time since the start of the transaction
Resource Name of resource used
Resource Type Type of resource used
Start Date Start date of event
Start Time Start time of event
STMT# Program statement number for EXEC CICS and EXEC SQL calls
Stop Date Stop date of event
Stop Time Stop time of event
TCB Task control block ID (QR, L8, etc.)
Transaction Task Number Transaction Task Number
Unique Transaction ID Unique Transaction ID

Rearranging the column ordering

To rearrange the order of columns, use the mouse to click and drag the desired column to its new position.

Rearranging columns to show time spent, TCB switches, CICS program, COBOL program statement number, EIB response code, and full program command text for CICS transaction CJSA in the C\Prof Web UI Rearranging columns to show the TCB and COBOL program statement number