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Configuration files

A valid C\Prof configuration must first specify a collection mode followed by additional control statements that further define the behavior of the collector. The control statements used will depend on the collection mode. An example of a collector configuration file for the SERVER collection mode is shown below:

SERVER                                  /* Server collection mode
SOCKET=/SYS1/tmp/cprofusr.sock          /* Client request socket
XCFGROUP=TXCPRDGR                       /* XCF group for collector topology

+PREFIX=USR.TXC120                      /* Data set location prefix
CHECKPT=+PREFIX.CHECKPT                 /* Register for new data sets
ARCHDSN=+PREFIX.+CICS.+TYPE(+1)         /* Naming pattern for data sets
SUMMARY   SPACE=(CYL,5,5)   UNIT=SYSDA  /* Summary allocation attributes
DETAIL    SPACE=(CYL,20,20) UNIT=SYSDA  /* Detail allocation attributes
AUXILIARY SPACE=(CYL,100)   UNIT=SYSDA  /* AUXTRACE allocation attributes

AUXTRSW=ARCHIVE                         /* AUXTRACE switching mode

LEVEL=3                                 /* Collect all trace events
TRACECONTROL=(EXCI,TXCCICS1,TXCM)       /* Use EXCI trace control as req.
ACTIVATETRACE=1                         /* Set trace points for profiling
RESETTRACE=1                            /* Reset trace point on stop
STNTRFC=1-2                             /* Extra file control tracing

EXCLUDETRAN=CICS                        /* Do not capture CICS transactions

GROUP=GRP1 MRO=YES                      /* Define group GRP1 (MRO)
CICS=CICSPROD1                          /* CICS region definitions
GROUPEND                                /* End of group (GRP1)

GROUP=GRP2                              /* Define group GRP2 (operational)
ACTIVATETRACE=(1,START,32768)           /* Override global setting
RESETTRACE=(1,RESET)                    /* Override global setting
RESPONSE=1                              /* Only collect trans > 1 second
CICS=CICSPROD4                          /* CICS region definitions
GROUPEND                                /* End of group (GRP2)

//                                      /* End of configuration file

A sample C\Prof configuration file containing control statements

Tip: Use the C\Prof ISPF dialog to generate the configuration file. For more information, see Getting started.