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Working with auxiliary trace data sets

Use the C\Prof trace viewer to perform ad hoc analysis of auxiliary trace data sets. The trace viewer supports auxiliary trace data sets created by C\Prof, by the CICS auxiliary trace facility, or by IPCS via the C\Prof IPCS VERBEXIT.

The C\Prof CICS trace event viewer can be used with CICS auxiliary trace data sets produced by snap, record to auxtrace, IPCS and the C\Prof VERBEXIT, and CICS transaction CETR

Working with auxiliary trace data sets and the C\Prof trace viewer

The trace viewer has two ways to work with auxiliary trace data sets: personal and registered.

Use the personal view to work with arbitrary auxiliary trace data sets. You can:

Use the registered view to work with a list of auxiliary trace data sets registered in a C\Prof checkpoint data set. Auxiliary trace data sets created by C\Prof are automatically registered by collectors using the CHECKPT control statement. You can:

The report utility (see Creating an auxiliary trace data set report) prints a report from an auxiliary data set produced by C\Prof, the CICS auxiliary trace utility, or the GTF trace. The report utility produces similar output to the CICS trace utility print program.

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