The XCFGROUP control statement assigns an XCF group to the collector, allowing collectors in the group to pass collection requests to one another. This control statement is required for cross-collector communication.

Add the XCFGROUP control statement to the configuration file together with a name of your choosing. When selecting a name for the XCF group, ensure that the name is unique in the sysplex, between 1 and 8 characters long (A-Z, 0-9, and national characters $, #, and @ are accepted), and avoids names that IBM uses (such as names that begin with A through I, or the character string SYS) and the reserved name UNDESIG.

For example, to add the collector to an XCF group named TXCSYSPL, use XCFGROUP=TXCSYSPL.

For more information on creating a collector topology, see Expanding your collection topology to CICS regions in other LPARs.