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Collect transactions whose response time is greater than the specified minimum, and less than the specified maximum. Transactions that fall outside of this range are excluded. Either the minimum or the maximum value may be excluded to indicate that the range has no upper or lower bound respectively. Specify a minimum response time to exclude short running transactions and transactions that meet service levels. Specify a maximum response time to exclude long running transactions.

Times are specified in seconds with an optional fractional component up to microsecond precision. For example:

  • 5 and 5.0 represent 5 seconds

  • 0.5 represents half a second

Allowed values are 0 (zero indicating no threshold), and numbers in the range 0.000001 to 86400 seconds.

The following examples demonstrate the correct use of the RESPONSE statement.

RESPONSE=(0,0)     /* No response time checking, the default

RESPONSE=1         /* Minimum response time is 1 second, no maximum
RESPONSE=(1)       /* Same as RESPONSE=1         
RESPONSE=(1,0)     /* Same as RESPONSE=1         

RESPONSE=(,10)     /* Maximum response time is 10 seconds, no minimum
RESPONSE=(0,10)    /* Same as RESPONSE=(,10)

RESPONSE=(0.05,30) /* Response time range is 0.05 seconds to 30 seconds

Filtering transactions by response time