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Measurement across the application lifecycle

C\Prof enables specialists involved in all aspects of the CICS application lifecycle to measure performance, diagnose problems, and validate changes to their applications. Working from a single interface, specialists benefit from using a common platform when diagnosing application and performance problems.

  Application Developers Project Leads Analysts Testers Production Support
Measure every aspect of transaction performance during development.

Diagnose application performance problems. Identify delays in transaction processing before they become a problem in production.

Use as a debugging aid. Visualize application events in detail (EXEC CICS, DB2, IMS and MQ calls, program calls and exits).

Explore code coverage and application completeness during code review.

Compare the before and after picture of a program to validate changes.


Verify that application changes have not adversely impacted response time.  


Sign-off application changes by comparing against previous test runs.  


Measure all aspects of application performance and identify bottlenecks.    

Conduct an analysis of the interdependencies between programs and the resources they use.    

Validate the performance of application changes before they go into production.      

Diagnose a production problem and minimize system impact by collecting in a short burst.        

Snapshot to auxiliary trace data sets as soon as problems occur. Solve the problem without having to recreate it first.

C\Prof can be used across your organization in a variety of ways