What is C\Prof?

C\Prof is a new way of analyzing problems in CICS by exposing the intrinsic value of the CICS internal trace.

How C\Prof works


C\Prof imparts significantly less overhead using cross-memory collection

Time to value is very quick for the following reasons:

  • C\Prof requires no changes to CICS itself. It requires no exits, agents, or resource definitions. CICS is unaware of C\Prof activity, and is completely unaffected by it.

  • C\Prof jobs operate at arm's length to CICS. It is a lightweight, low-overhead solution.

  • C\Prof has few configuration requirements. Setup is fast and efficient using C\Prof's ability to automatically discover your CICS regions. Manage and monitor data collection across multiple LPARs directly from a single, easy-to-use interface.

  • C\Prof provides a unique perspective of the transactions processed by CICS. The ISPF and Web UI (browser-based) user interfaces provides an analysis capability that is better than an application trace facility:

    • View transaction summary information (ISPF, Web UI).

    • View important application calls being made by the transaction (ISPF, Web UI).

      • View every EXEC CICS, DB2 SQL, IMS DLI, and MQ call and their response codes.
      • See where performance bottlenecks may be occurring.
      • Understand where programs are linking to other programs and which resources are used.
    • Perform deep-dive analysis into the trace events themselves using the advanced features of the C\Prof trace viewer.

    • Import auxiliary trace files produced by the CICS auxiliary trace facility (ISPF).

  • C\Prof's unique snap feature allows you to take a point-in-time snapshot of the CICS internal trace (ISPF, Web UI). When paired with your automation tools, you can set up automated problem capture and then use C\Prof's profiling tools for advanced analysis.

  • C\Prof facilitates dynamic analysis of CICS transactions. See the true, run-time behavior of your transactions and programs as they execute in CICS.

C\Prof completely replaces the CICS auxiliary trace facility. If desired, you can write to auxiliary trace data sets whilst receiving the benefits of C\Prof's collection management and advanced analysis capabilities.