July 2021

Survey says 

After announcing our acquisition of ASG Technologies in April, July marks the true beginning of integrating ASG into the Rocket family. The coming together of our people and products – internally and externally – to better serve our customers and partners, reminds me of forming a new band. Each musician has their own flare, talents and musical history, but when working together, the group can deliver an even more robust, cohesive sound – an even better experience – for their audience.

The collaboration needed to produce beautiful music isn’t too different from bringing together two leading enterprise software companies. As we combine the best of ASG and Rocket, here is how we will bring our customers and partners to their feet for a standing ovation.


For an acquisition to be successful, we must continuously find new ways to innovate and remain relevant for our customers and partners. An acquisition is a means – not an end. From the moment we announced the acquisition of ASG, we have been working to be better, faster and smarter to engage our customers and partners in new and meaningful ways. The same is true for being part of a band. Band members need to constantly reinvent themselves, experiment with new genres and create ways to connect with their audience. Otherwise, they risk losing their fans and becoming has-beens. Rocket is far from putting out a Greatest Hits album; the best is yet to come.


As we bring Rocket and ASG together, it starts with keeping our customers happy. We want this acquisition to give customers the same feeling they get when they turn on their favorite song or pump-up playlist. Positive emotions result in customers taking action and ultimately continuing to come back to us for more. Musicians understand the importance of making their listeners feel connected. Without that emotional investment, you get one-hit wonders, condemned to the Top 40s charts of decades past. Not Rocket and ASG – we will motivate and inspire for lifelong loyalty and trust.


Integrating two software companies is a collaborative effort and requires input from many parties. Like the best bands, everyone needs to be hitting the right notes at the right time. A band’s success is dependent on each moving part; it can’t be a one-person show. We’ve witnessed it with Hall & Oates, Simon & Garfunkel, Lennon & McCartney, Mick & Keith – when two powerhouses join forces, they are unstoppable.

Legendary Outcomes

Bringing in business is essential to an organization’s viability and success. Behind every groundbreaking innovation is the need to generate revenue – just like how every band’s magnum opus is supported by selling tickets and booking venues. Visualizing Rocket and ASG as a band that balances art and technology, zeros and ones and dollars and cents, will ultimately drive success and enable our customers to deliver legendary outcomes.

I’m always striving to improve as both a band member and as Rocket’s CEO. These skill sets have and will continue to enhance each other, just as Rocket and ASG will integrate and grow during this exciting next era.

Onward and Upwards,

Team by Lorde
from the album, Pure Heroine, is a song about sticking and working together, loyalty, bonding, and comradeship.

Come Together by The Beatles
was the lead song from the Abbey Road album. This song was originally inspired by a request from Timothy Leary to John Lennon to write a song for his campaign for governor of California which never came to fruition and therefore allowed John to record the song with The Beatles. One can interpret this song to be about building bonds and uniting and coming together as one.

Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane
from the album Mad Mad World was a song Tom wrote as a “pep talk” to himself after a difficult and eye-opening trip to Africa. This song can have many meanings but one that seems to emerge is that life is a journey, where you constantly face new things and experiences and ultimately life is what you make it.

Duo by Ben Rector
from the album Magic is a lighthearted, funny song about being better together and becoming an “iconic duo”. Ben thinks “it’s easy as an artist to take yourself too seriously. Compared to how present humor is in other forms of art and entertainment it’s often absent in pop music.”

Come Together (Cover) by Aerosmith
Being a Bostonian, I couldn’t help but add this bonus track cover by this iconic rock band formed in Boston in 1970.