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December 2019

And the Beat Goes On

As I write this letter from my home in Boston, we are in the middle of New England’s first snow storm of the season. Boston, snow measured in feet, early December, cold, wind, ice… I can’t think of a more legendary mix of ingredients to kick off this holiday season! And as I sit inside by a warm fireplace, I am reflecting on what a wonderful year 2019 was – and what an exciting year 2020 will be.

2019 was a milestone year for Rocket. This was our first full year operating alongside our new private equity investor, Bain Capital. With Bain’s full partnership and support, I kicked off 2019 with a strategic planning project that will guide our investment and growth strategy over the next five years. And with Bain’s full partnership and support, I created a new executive team to drive successful outcomes informed by our new strategic plan.

I could not be happier with our new private equity partners, our new strategic plan, and our new executive team. I cannot think of a more legendary mix of ingredients to kick off the next chapter of Rocket.

Welcome to Chapter 4

Our new executive team and strategic plan is focused on you, our customers and partners, and the technology that is important to you – specifically IBM zSystems, IBM Power (including IBM i), database (from relational to hierarchical to our mission critical and important M204 and MultiValue technologies), and EDI/data exchange.

2020 will be a milestone year for Rocket. We will celebrate our 30th birthday in April 2020. In 2020 we want to talk to you about your transformational journey. We want to work with you to make sure that the platforms and technologies that are important you are prioritized to be important to us. We want to make those important platforms more relevant in the world. We want to help you bring more legendary workloads to those platforms. We want to make those important platforms even more trusted and secure. We want to be the on ramp to more open technologies, more AI/ML technologies, and more cloud-native solutions on those platforms.

Whether you call those platforms legacy or not. Regardless if these platforms get the attention they deserve in your industry or in your organization. Our mission in 2020 is to help you deliver legendary impact in the world through these important, trusted, mission-critical platforms.

Happy and healthy holidays to you and yours.

And remember that legacy powers legendary, every day!

Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.

As we settle in for a long winter in the Northeastern United States, I thought I’d share a few songs that capture this time of the year.