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September 2017

Thinking of Houston

I was planning on writing about something else this week, but there’s really only one topic that’s on my mind: Hurricane Harvey. We’ve all seen the pictures of what’s happening in Texas and Louisiana, and the scope of the damage is almost inconceivable. Not only are experts predicting that this could be the most expensive disaster in American history, but the stories about the human cost—including the loss of entire families—are heartbreaking.

This is a tragedy that hits close to home for me personally and as CEO of Rocket. I lived in Texas early in my career, and I actually met my wife there before we moved to Boston. As a company, we’ve always had a presence there, and of course we have many great Rocketeers who live there—many in the Houston area—and are directly affected by the hurricane and its aftermath.

Now is the time for all of us to come together to do what we can to help. I am asking the entire Rocket community—Rocketeers, customers, partners, and anyone else—to consider making donations to two non-profits that are making a difference on the ground right now.

This is also a time for us to remember that anywhere on earth can be affected by a devastating event. As we think about the people of Houston and the other communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey, we should also think about ways we can make a difference in our own communities, no matter where we live.

Every month I like to share a few songs that are on my mind. Here are a few that I’ve been thinking about as I watch the news and talk to people affected by the hurricane and flooding:

Bruce Springsteen Album

"The Rising" (Bruce Springsteen) Few musicians can tap into the hopes and fears of everyday people like The Boss, who does it on just about every song.

Peter Gabriel Album

"Here Comes the Flood" (Peter Gabriel) This powerful solo piece is used in a lot of TV ads for disaster relief, and it’s easy to see why.

Redding Album

"Dock of the Bay" (Otis Redding) This one makes me think about everyone in Texas and Louisiana not knowing what their next move is going to be.

Beatles Album

"Here Comes the Sun" (The Beatles) This is the definitive anthem about light overcoming darkness, set to the genius guitar work of George Harrison.


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Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.