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Letter from our CEO

August 2016

If your business runs on the same fiscal year calendar that we do, you are probably just finishing your mid-year business reviews and beginning to plan for 2017. In addition to preparing for next year, we also just refreshed our three-year strategic plan and took the time to remind ourselves of who we are, what we do, and what is important to our customers and partners.

  • We make software that the world’s biggest companies trust to run their critical infrastructure, business processes, and data.
  • We protect critical infrastructure investments and extend those investments as businesses transform and grow.
  • We solve big technical problems and innovate for what organizations need tomorrow.

In short, businesses in dozens of industries run on Rocket. This month I’d like to focus on one of our customer segments, our customers who leverage IBM mainframe technology to run their operations, grow their businesses, and win in their respective markets.

Rocket loves the mainframe. We are proud to say that we love the mainframe. We have been saying this for 25+ years – and I expect we will be for at least another 25 years. And we back that up with our consistent and deep investment in mainframe innovation, product development, and customer service.

I want to share two reasons why our love of the mainframe is relevant to you – even if you aren’t a mainframe user.

It’s all about the data

More data is being created and stored on (or near) the mainframe today than ever before. In fact, the mainframe is the perfect platform for creating and storing this perpetually growing data. According to Gartner, “Familiar data patterns centered on physical data movement are no longer a sufficient solution for enabling a digital business.” In other words, all of this data is going to stay on the mainframe. We are helping more customers than ever before leverage their data IN PLACE, for analytics, application development, modernization, reusable data services, cognitive computing, mobile and web-based applications, and many other use cases.

When you think about your data, you should think about Rocket. Our solutions help you protect it, archive it, analyze it, view it, clone it, share it, and (most importantly) get value from it.

It’s all about the languages (and tools)

We are bringing all of your favorite open source languages and tools to z/OS. I shouldn’t say “bringing,” because we have already made many languages and tools available. Looking for Python or Perl or PHP? Get them from Rocket! Looking for CVS or R? You can get them from Rocket as well. And if you need enterprise strength, premium 24x7 support from a 25+ year old company that has dedicated themselves to delivering exceptional customer service, we are here for you. Customers on our maintenance program can also influence our open source roadmap for z/OS; tell us the next set of languages and tools you need.

Let us help you unlock the value of your data. And let us help you enable the next generation of mainframers with modern languages and tools. Let us help you love the mainframe as much as we do!


Andrew J. Youniss
President and CEO, Rocket Software, Inc.

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